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Carrying on from this thread, discuss any interesting ideas for attacks which can be given to TSoG teammates. Some of the attacks have been implemented in the game already, like Juxtapose, so fear not that your ideas will be voiced in vain!

I may have said this before, but...

Elemental scyth

The same move as slash, essentially, but with an element, like Shadow scyth (Same range as slash, but a shadow move) or light scyth (Same range as slash, but a light move)

"scythe" you mean?

I think there was speculation about mixing up elements- like the Twilight Blast (Shadow+Light) and mixing up an elemental attack with melee. I do recollect how an idea of having "elemental arrows" ostensibly was liked by CraigStern, but that was about one-and-a-half years ago.

yeah but it seems that if the range was to far it would make the game less challenging because your hero is now ranged, but that might just be me.

I am curious to whether CraigStern, as mentioned about a year ago, has decided to which teammate give the Fury attack? Methinks it could be quiting for the Spearman (a future teammate mentioned by CraigStern some time ago), as it's used by Helena in TRPG2 and it would seem only fitting if a melee fighter could use it. I also wonder if Recover will make an appaearance in TSoG?


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