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New attacks for teammates

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--- Quote from: mikew781 on March 27, 2010, 06:49:11 PM ---maybe change it to
so it would fit a sword's attack shape a little better

--- End quote ---
more like if he threw his sword and guided it in a boomerang curve with the gift

I like the idea of both this "Sweep" Attack and my idea for aa attack with range of 2 spaces directly in front of Griffin, maybe call this one "Stab" (or since Arman already has a Stab we could call it pierce)

I don't know: that really overlaps with the spearman's attacks, don't you think? And how can he "realistically" cover that area with his sword?
Personally, I'd rather see him equipped with something akin to whirlwind- now that was the ultimate melee attack!

If Luca can revive teamates out of battle, why can't she revive them in battle?

Good question, that: probably because she needs to concentrate hard on the process, and in battle she would be obviously distracted and would have to move around a lot. As well, the body might be in the midst of an enemy formation- chances are, they'll get to Luca and break through her defenses before she finishes the process (again, another reason may be that the process is so slow the battle is over before she can complete it, so it's better for her to help out other teammates, rather than to try and revive the fallen one).


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