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Mind Ravage: Malis

"As it turns out, Malis has discovered how to use her natural ability to feed off of human anguish and turn it into the ultimate attack by putting the target into so much pain she can feed.

Damage: Mind Blast level+attack level*2

Range: 1

Mind Ravage sounds like a leveled up Mind Blast.  Instead of creating a new attack, wouldn't it be easier to just level up Mind Blast?

Since no one seems to like the idea of a multispace Transfer, that go back to Fire Gust and Frost Gust.

Mind Shield 2-After some training, Set has learned to create a Mind Shield farther away.
Element: Shield
Range: 2 Space
Cost: 4 Psy Points
Healing: Psy Defense + Mind Shield 2 Level

I meant for it to be a kind of feedback but with a closer range. Meaning since Malis is a assassin type, she would be a little more self dependent.

Then why not suggest Feedback?  It fits since Darkling can learn feedback and TRPG2 Dual mode has Psy Assassins who know Feedback.

Feedback has been formulated:

--- Quote from: KZ on March 15, 2010, 07:52:05 PM ---1). This idea was initially suggested by me. Let Malis have the same attacks as Darkling, so that she can be an self-reliant unit and more useful later on in the game. She's also more like Darkling, than Shadowboxer, so since he could learn it, why can't she?

--- End quote ---
No offense bugfartboy, but having the same attack with a range one space shorter seems redundant


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