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New attacks for teammates

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Alright alright. I just thought it would fit if malis could feed of of human agony like other shadowlings.

Anya and Gamblin' Jack both are able to use Mind Shield with a range of 2, so Set should be able to do the same.
It would be nice to heal a far away teammate without using all the PsP of Long Shield.

Mind Shield 2-After some training, Set has learned to create a Mind Shield farther away.
Element: Shield
Range: 2 Space
Cost: 4 Psy Points
Healing: Psy Defense + Mind Shield 2 Level

Im not sure darkling knows feedback. All 4 of his ability slots are occupied. Are you sure it wansn't Shadowboxer who learns feedback?

Duskling can learn Shadowblast or Feedback, depending on if you train his Psy Power or Defense to 8 first.

Why. That explains it. Hmm.


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