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New attacks for teammates

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It is very unlikely that a teammate will die from one Final Boss attack at the end of the game.  By the end of the game, Set's stats should make Static Shield [(Psy Defense + Static Shield Level) X 2] able to withstand any attack for one turn.  Plus, do you really expect Craig to spend his time making an attack that can only be useful against the final boss?

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Sounds too much like Static Shield
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So what, it's still a good name... unless you can come up with a better one, that is.
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Cypher, you need to stop disagreeing with me just for the sake of disagreeing with me.  It is just immature.

What if the last character joined you just before that boss and he/she/it was so weak a bandit could take it out?


--- Quote from: bugfartboy on August 18, 2010, 12:58:11 PM ---What if the last character joined you just before that boss and he/she/it was so weak a bandit could take it out?

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I nocticed that Craig has created a very smart solution to that.  He introduces a new teammates at the end of the missions.  At the end of the missions is when you have the most amount of stored gold.  Like with Malis, it is wise to use the gold accumulated on the mission to train up your new teammate to the same level as the rest of the team.

Oh ok... I hadnt noticed that. Thank you... But I still like the idea of the Unbreakable/Stasis Sheild. It holds some tacitical advantage. But maybe we can up the price some so that it isnt quite equal to Static Sheild.

It can be useful in more than one situation. It can be used when you have Arman or Malis running behind enemy lines to kill the archers and healers and you don't want to be hurt that badly during the enemues turn. It could also be used for defence as one of your guys might die this turn (Even if he is at full health).

For the Final Battle, sure he would survive if Set used Static Shield (he has a defence 18 and Static shield is at level 2), as It would increase Griffin Health by 40 and let's say it is at 60 = 100. But The attack would do more than 60 damage and he would have to be healed again the next turn when Stasis shield would prevent the need for Set to heal him next turn.


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