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Before moving on, I'd just like to make sure that you have all voted on Jet Stream/Air Blast.

I vote Nay.

Sorry, but I have to vote nay on something.

Why nay?

Ok, folks, what with your unfortunate recent spur of changing your usernames, it's been a tad difficult to follow who's been voting for what. However, for the "Jet Stream/Air Blast" idea, we have 6 "yay" and 1 "abstain". Thus, it goes into formulated.

For arrow storm, can all those who voted, vote again, as the area of the attack has been re-suggested many a time. Myself, I would support an attack of about 5 tiles, but it has to be animated in a plausible fashion, and then, how can you explain Rahel being so fast (the Gift?), etc!

Ert: I believe the double Slash has been suggested before (the praying mantis), but I think it was ultimately rejected for Griffin, with people instead wanting him to have Whirlwind.

Shadowling Shadow: I think it's too close to Solid State Shield and the extra teammates brought on by Gelf (if that makes it in)- thus that might not be ideal, but a moving decoy is an interesting idea nevertheless.

Yay for arrow storm.


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