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--- Quote from: Steelfist on February 07, 2010, 11:24:01 AM ---I may have said this before, but...

Elemental scyth

The same move as slash, essentially, but with an element, like Shadow scyth (Same range as slash, but a shadow move) or light scyth (Same range as slash, but a light move)

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Love it. I always thought it would make sense to sort of combine elemental and physical attacks.

What about giving Seth a buff which changes the element of the normal attack. Only for one turn not to make it too easy to use it. The area could be something like this:


Personally, I am postively opposed to the idea of said "buffs" and the likes, as it unpleasantly reminds me of the Sonny battleengine. I'd rather see TSoG keep the neat style of attacks and accent on the tactical side of things- a bit like in StarCraft, in a way- you do have units with special abilities, but you can't just blindly use them all over the place, as you have to know where to strike to make it hurt.

I thought of a Static Shield would be useful for Psy Points.

Boost: Luca doesn't just supply Psy Points anymore. She now helps teammates focus to the point where they can store even more PsP.
Element: Mental
Range: 1 Space
Cost: Psy Power + Boost Level
Amount Transferred: (Psy Power + Boost Level)/2
Status Effects: Target's max PsP increases

An alternative for Boost could be the ability to increase a target's Psy Power. This could increase the damage of attacks, the potency of shields, and the amount of stored PsP. This form of Boost is similar to Fury.

Range: 1 space
Cost: 6
Status Effect: Target's Psy Power increases by 1

Well, I guess in order for people not to get confused, we can call the second attack "Psy Fury" for now, just to separate the two.
I think Boost in conjunction with Static Shield would be too powerful a combination (but the idea is still good), since then Luca can easily do a Boost+Transfer combo and the Psy units will have, effectively, limitless PsP.

About "Psy Fury", I honestly am not sure: I haven't used much Fury myself, as it effectively takes out one offensive turn from a teammate, and those 2-3 extra damage points, although usually play a crucial role, don't outweight the turn lost.

If I was to choose between the two, I'd go for Boost as an attack to add.

What of adding Feedback to Set? Or the "Push" attack (effectively forcing an emeny off a square and dealing some nominal damage to them by the action)?


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