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New attacks for teammates

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Yay for both.

Idozen Cair:
Yay for both, me too!

I support both ideas.
With 7 yay votes and no nay votes, I think im2smart4u can formulate the idea.

So... hey guys, haven't been on in awhile. Distracted with a multitude of other things. Admittedly, mostly minecraft. Lol
Anyways last I remember I proposed an idea about buffs/debuffs on the basis of elemental weakness/resistance, and we were considering the possibility of mastering multiple elements, honestly I don't know how the game or the forums views have changed since then... and as I believe we were around page twenty of this one singular topic I don't really wish to read through all 40+ pages to find out... so I'm just going to throw out a few ideas here.

Shadow and Light
1st turn, charge Darkness (can more)
2nd; unleash darkness (applies Shade's Veil effect which grants a chance to miss upon victims, can move)
3rd charge and rest (can't move)
4th; unless Blazing Light (applies Whiteout effect which grants a chance to miss upon nor darkened characters, darkened characters will be instantly healed)
both effect will dimish with time as the effected's eyes readjust.

Fire and Ice
1st turn; absorbs heat into self doing frost damage
(absorbing can be done multiple times but energy gained from the same character will diminish)
2nd turn; unleshes stored heat (damage done is proportional to the amount of heat absorbed)
Notice, you could turn friendly fire on, absorb enough heat from your alies to kill them and unleash it all upon the enemy, a dark and dirty move used only by the most twisted of telepaths.

Idozen Cair:
Eh... but haven't we talked about buffs and weaknesses already? I recall it was ultimately rejected.


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