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A sure enough, Aloc finds a town only after a few minutes of walking in the forest. He tells them of the his travels by saying " I am a travelling peformer and the Cult just attacked a town close by!". Immedatly, 3 arms grab him and bound and gag him, Aloc's try's as hrad as he wants but he isn't able to break free of the bond, they throw him in jail, he realises that his money has been taken put he find's them putting his money is some sort of black box. A cult member in a shawl walks over and says you are to be burned along with your money.

Finding Town: 4 + 1 (Apt Mod) = 6

Cult Attack: 4

Your Turn (Gulp!)

Steel Ersatz Man:
Aloc says that he is ussually a contortionist but he has more dangerous abilities. Aloc attempts to reach into the cultists mind and show him his worst fear.

Aloc looks the cult directly in the face and reads his mind, his worst fear is... peaunt butter?!? Aloc conquires up a trcik to shows that the world is made of peautn butter. The Cult screams "GETT IT OFF MEEE". He runs around and the key he was holding in his hand goes flying towards Aloc and he catches it. He unlocks the cell and takes the chest filled with his money and runs out the back door and into the forest, where he promelty trips and losses around 30 gold. He breathes a sign of relief and decicdes what to do.

Trick: 20 + 2 (trick lvl) = 20

Catching and Running: 16 - 2 (P. Pow Mod) = 14

Trip: 9 - 2 (P. Pow Mod) = 7

Gold: 400

Your Turn!

Steel Ersatz Man:
Believing that he was too late, Aloc decides just to leave the cult behind him and go back to the psy school. Mabye work a part-time job as a cleaner or something on the side to get that extra 100 in a year.

Steel Ersatz Man:
Still going to the academy...


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