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The shadowling looks at Aloc in confusion, “This isn’t good” signs the shadowling “I am about to tell you something that with shock your mind. By what you have been telling me, it seems that you have been transported to the past”. Aloc looks in horror and confusion. “Where you cam from was the shadowling Queen still alive” continues the shadowling “No, responds Aloc” responds Aloc. “Then you are in the past and this is bad. By you coming to the past, you have warped the space time continuum, meaning that the future is now changed. This also means that you need to be careful, you mess something up and your parents do not meet and have you, you will be erased for history itself. Now for why I am here, I miss-informed Tastitan about the golem workshop location and he searched my mind for the real one. True fully, I am against the queen and I am sided with the Spriggats.” The door suddenly Clanks open and a whitish blue shadowling is standing beside a red shadowling with a bone mask on him. "You, Fleshing, we need to do some Scanning of your mind” says the blue shadowling while the red shadowling beside him smilies cruelly. The purple shadowling whispers, "keep your mind closed!".

Information: 13 + 1 (I.M.) = 14

Scanning: 3

Mind Closing: 14 + 1 (P. M) = 15

Health: 5/30

Gold: 0

Your Turn!

Xemadus Echina:
Rainen wakes up in the middle of a crater right on the shore of Lake Alto. "well at least i'm here..." he feels weakened and upon a self examination he discovers most of his powers and strengths to be missing. "it had to of been that temporal anomaly..." Rainen feels the pull of a mysterious object far away.
after a moment of thought Rainen throws a piece of drift wood into the water and proceeds to paddle out to a distant island.

Rainen looks for the mysterious object.


Rainen meditates to improve his psy abilites

Rainen continues to meditate to imporve his psy abilites

Rainen paddles and paddles with all this might, and he is succefully able to reach where the signal is coming from, it is a small island though, and after seraching through it, Rainen finds nothing, assuming that it was a simple miss-reading in his Psy abilities Rain sits down and begins to meditate to improve his Psy abilities. He is successfully able to improve his Defence, but he stand up realising that the effect will only be temporary. Rainen looks at the surface of Lake Alto and thinks about what to do next in this strange world.

Paddling: 13 + 2 (P. Pow Mod) = 15

Seraching and Scanning : 5 + 1 (Apt Mod) = 6

Meditating: 14 + 1 (Apt Mod) = 15

Defence: +1 (1 day Remaining)

Gold: 50

Your Turn!  

Xemadus Echina:

Rainen continues to search for the object, determined that his skills have not become faulty.
after his search concludes, he decides to head back to the beach to relax a little and regain some of his abilities.
Rainen meditates
after meditating, Rainen walks away from the beach and finds an area of trees lined up as if they were planted that way.
Rainen attempts to pierce through a set of trees with his pyro blast
realizing that his control over fire isn't what it used to be, he walks back to the beach to meditate.
Rainen attempts to strengthen his control over fire
looking out over the ocean Rainen sees a blur

Steel Ersatz Man:
Aloc tries to explain that he's from the future but they think he's crazy. The shadowlings begin to reach into his mind...


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