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Carrying on from this very popular thread, share your ideas of what enemies you'd like to see in TSoG!
There were many very interesting ideas for enemies being thrown around, as well as ideas for completing enemy sets (e.g. having a White Cape enemy, to come along with the Blue Cape and Black Capes from the Psy Academy Map Editor enemy set), and some of them have made it into the Telepath series games already (e.g. Tigs, Greater Ghost)! Hence, do share and show off your creativity!
The best ideas will go into this thread. ;)

The easiest format, along with a descirption of the enemy, includes giving suggested stats and attacks:

e.g. an enemy suggestion by im2smart4u:

Mine Stats:
Health: 20
Speed: 0
Attacks: Explosion (Range: Omnidirectional+self, Damage: 25)
Counter-attack: Explosion (Range: Omnidirectional+self, Damage: 25)
Immunity: Mental

Hero's Shadow
Health: same as hero
Speed: same as hero
Attacks: same as hero
Counters: same as hero
and other stats: same as hero
Description: a darker version of you, allowing you to take on the greatest enemy in the game. The gold reward could be dependent upon your level. as all the stats would be loaded form the autosave's hero the programming would be relatively easy. This character could be faced in some dark crypt born from ancient dark magics, created by the shadowlings as either an enemy meant to destroy you or as a trainer meant to test you to the limit of your abilities. The character could also be a mechanical monstrosity created by the mechanics.

Intersting, but I don't think that quite fits in with the atmosphere of Telepath games. There was, however, an idea to pit the Main from TRPG2 against the Hero from TRPG3 (aka TSoG).

Ah, well, it was just a passing thought as I'm starting to tire from laying waste to all opposition with one attack...

By all means keep on sharing these ;)
I have to point out though that in the full game you'll probably not have such a well-trained team at the point: quite a lot of people, after playing the game for some time, start complaining that it gets too easy, but then again, with this being an unfinished demo, many simply overtrain their Hero and the teammates, hence the ease of disposal of the enemies.
If you want, try playing through the game again from scratch without overtrainig your teammates- that might give you a fresher look on the difficulty of TSoG.


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