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--- Quote from: torugo on February 22, 2010, 03:44:27 PM ---i gave the idea of tasdidian having dark atacks to make him more threatening and none knows his true health or speed because its hidden when you fight him so i took a guess
what else would happen to a shadowling when it dies
why not put him in a crypt they got spirits of all sorts of other things and there needs to be a good fight in this one

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First of all, spirits use cold attacks, and your going to give a spirit shadow attacks? Even though he originally used light?

--- Quote from: torugo on February 22, 2010, 03:46:35 PM ---if luca cant remember her husbands name and azma cant even remember the debt of fizooz than tasdidian might have forgotten what the old hero looks like. spirits have terrible memmorys

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They have good enough memorys to even remember what Fizooz looked like, even though hes a spirit and looks different. Either way, he could just scan you to figure out.


--- Quote from: KZ on February 22, 2010, 05:12:25 AM ---I also like the human Psy Assassin idea, it sort of cross-links with the proposed Black Cape, but doesn't interfere- they can be graduates of the Psy Academy who left the institution to pursue "freelance" work. Furthermore, this unit has been in the Psy Duel mode, and it's nice to link up to it, methinks. How many of you folks would like to see this unit added into formulated?
Same goes for Thorny Vines- thaving a counter-attacking battlefield object will allow for variety in the game.

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I do think you should formulate them both, and make white caped assasins, only they train the mental affinity farther instead of assasination. Only thing I could think of to add was vengence.

first i recommend a boss like this because the other crypts went by to fast and we at least need some kind of good fight in the end
second this is not my game so i cant add that stuff in that is for the original creator to do im just trying to come up with ideas

Maybe a boss in the Crypts is a good idea, but Spirit Tastiadan just has a weird feel to it. But I do suppose it might be better than my white shadowlings. Sorry about that, KZ made me realize why that was a horrible idea.

And KZ, you overdid the speed again.

how about Zeitgiset as a name for a crypt ghost boss?


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