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I kind of wanted this to be an enemy that would chase the player around the screen for as long as it could keep up with them. But you notice that enemies with speed 3 never use their 3 speed until they're in range of a player, so maybe the War Engine would never use its 5 speed at all, but just have it so it could keep its speed of 4 for two turns, probably long enough to get ahold of a target.

The Holy namelesskitty:

--- Quote from: chr0n0z on October 06, 2010, 03:37:18 PM ---If it's a spike trap I'm pretty sure spirits/ghosts would still be resistant against it, even if it does catch them off guard.

--- End quote ---
Well they have no lungs so gas won't work and physical attacks still affect them but this time they can't put their guard up maybe it'll do only five damage to them.

Votes on spike/ gas trap

Yay for both I wouldn't suggest otherwise.

Yay for spike trap, nay for gas.

Too early to vote on War Engine.

Nay on war engine. Maybe on spike trap. On gas trap, I was thinking maybe it could gemlike loopy gas and have mental damage. It would affect ghosts too because as they float through it, it attacks the conscience holding the ghost together. What think you?

If it's a trap designed, set up, and controlled by psy engineers or something, why not. No comment on the war engine yet, but I do like the idea of the traps. However, I don't think spirits "put their physical resistance up" per se, they just have it. Nowhere in the wiki does it say that they have to think up physical resistance. Just an example, if I saw a ghost and knifed it, I don't think it would have much effect on it even if it didn't see me. So they'd have to have more resistance than just about 75%. I can see where you're going though, considering the fact that Luca always sees the enemy before she gets hit by a spear.


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