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Shadow bug Guardian

Health: 70
Speed: 5
Attacks: Venomous Bite (Range-1 space in front. Damage-40)
Counter-attack: Slash (Same as normal slash. Damage-30)
Immunity: Shadow

Ok, I think the "Guardian" part of the name may be changed a little, but I certainly think that having an addition to the Shadow-Bug enemy set mitgh be nice, with a bug that could do a counter-attack (even melee would do). I wonder though what type of bug would that be? As we have the Queen, the Nymphs and the standard Shadow BUgs themselves. Anyone got ideas for some fitting names?
I do like the idea of having an "upgraded" version of the Shadow Bug, including higher damage and elemental immunity. Somethink akin to "veteran" in the name, maybe?

Just a passing thought, but what if a ghost bound itself to an item, say a weapon?

Nice idea, I do believe that the idea is partially manifested in the Jinn's present in the game, like Iblis (bound to a statue, a very powerful enemy boss at that!).

how about instead of shadow bug, you call it darkness bug or something along that line, so it can relate to the shadow bug but still be a separate unit?


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