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Yet another idea, proposed by me, to add something interetsing to the melee enemy units set, for instance, the Helenites (the ykey feature is the Whirlwind attack, which will prevent enemies being incircled, less the player goes for one-turn kill, and can deal a lot of damage to most of player's formations):

Helenite Captain
Health: 40
Speed: 3
Attacks: Melee (Range: 1; Damage: 12), Whirlwind (Range: Omnidirectional; Damage: 10)
Resistance: none
Immunity: none

Yet another idea, proposed by me, to act as a cross between the fighters and healers. This makes this unit both offensive and defensive at the same time so that the player has to be on their toes when fighting this enemy.

Helenite Combat-Medic
Health: 35
Speed: 3
Attacks: Melee (Range: 1; Damage: 9) Patch Up/Mind Shield (Range: 1; Heals: 9)
Resistance: None
Immunity: None

To make a Stone Golem more lethal, a flame thrower attachment and a capacitor could be installed.

Flame Golem
Health: 34
Speed: 1
Attacks: Melee (Range: 1, Damage: 9) Fire Breath (Range: 1-2, Damage: 6)

Yet another ghost idea originally suggested by yogc, this one adds completeness to the ghost set, as a healer.

Ghost Healer
Stats Health: 28
Steps: 3
Attacks: Mind Blast (Range: 1, Damage: 4), Mind Shield (Range: 1, Healing: 14)
Resistance: Physical

Two more enemies to add:

This idea, presented by im2smart4u, is based off of Pirate Pete. Since we know that pirates exist in the Telepath Universe it is suspected that some might try to attack you, if you ever went to Lake Alto or The Ravinale Docks. Their are 3 types so far: A Melee Unit, A Knife Thrower, and A Strong Melee (Captain) Unit.

Pirate Cutlass They have red bandannas on their heads and cutlass in their right hand.
Health: 26
Speed: 3
Attacks: Melee (Range: 1, Damage: 8 )

Pirate Knife Thrower They have blue bandannas on their heads and a dagger in the right hand.
Health: 18
Speed: 2
Attacks: Fling (Range: 2, Damage: 10)
Counter-attack: Fling (Range: 2, Damage: 10)

Pirate Captain The Captain has the same hat as Pirate Pete and has two cutlasses; one for each hand.
Health: 80
Speed: 3
Attacks: Melee (Range: 1, Damage, 8 ), Twin Slash (Range: rightward and leftward arc, Damage: 12)
Counter-attack: Melee (Range: 1, Damage: 8 )
Resistance: Mental

This idea, presented by Duckling, works on the fact that Shadowlings can learn the attack: Feedback (Darkling and Malis). These units could appear in Somnus as regular citizens or military units.

Shadowling Assassin (Feedback)
HP: 35
Move: 4
Attacks: Mind Blast (Damage: 10), Feedback (Returns up to: 16)
Resistance: Shadow
Counter: None


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