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Author Topic: Mando'a  (Read 7362 times)


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« on: May 15, 2010, 12:25:00 PM »

Mando'a is a language spoken by the Mandalorians, this is thread gives you the many words (not as many as human tongues) and their translations. (I haven't fully learned the languarge myself, so don't speak it on this thread for now, unless you really want to.)

   a'den - to rage
    atiniir - to endure, to stick with, to tough it out
    baatir - to care, to worry about
    beten - to sigh
    brokar - to beat (heartbeat, drumbeat)
    cuyir - to be, to exist
    dinuir - to give
    duraanir - to look down upon, to hold in contempt, to despise
    duumir - to allow
    gaan - to want
    ganar - to have
    hettir - to burn
    hibirar - to learn
    hukaatir - to protect, to cover, to shield
    jehaatir - to lie
    jorhaa'ir - to speak
    jorso'ran - shall bear (archaic imperative form)
    jurir - to bear, to carry
    jurkadir - to mess with someone (lit: to brandish a saber)
    kar'taylir - to know
    k'uur - to hush, be quiet, to shut up
    liser - to be able to, can
    motir - to stand
    narir - to act (carry out), to do
    nartir - to place, to put
    nau'ur (also: sometimes seen as naur) - to light up
    nau'ur kad - to forge a saber
    nynir - to hit, to strike
    oya - Let's hunt! and let's roll (colloquial)
    parjir - to win, to be victorious
    shabiir - to screw up
    shereshoy - a lust for life, to live in the moment
    shukur - to break, to smash/tear apart, to crush
    susulur - to hear, to listen
    takisir - to insult
    trattok'o - to fall, to fail
    udesiir - to relax, to rest, to be peaceful
    usen'ye - rudest way to tell someone to go away (same root as osik)
    verborir - to buy, to hire, to contract
    vorer - to accept
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Re: Mando'a
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2010, 12:28:23 PM »

aaray - pain
    aay'han - bittersweet moment of mourning and joy - "remembering and celebration"
    abesh - east
    abiik - air
    adade - personnel
    adate - people, persons
    a'den - wrath, rage
    adiik - child aged 3 to 13
    ad'ika - kid, lad, boy, sweetie, darling, son, daughter, child
    ad'ike - sons, daughters, children
    ade - sons (archaic)
    agol - living tissue - meat, muscle, flesh - animal or human, "flesh and blood"
    aka - mission
    akaan - war
    akaan'ade - army
    akaata - battalion
    akalenedat - hard contact
    alii'gai - flag, colors
    aliik - sigil, symbol on armor
    aliit - family, clan, tribe
    alor - leader, chief, "officer", constable, boss
    alor'ad - captain
    aloriya - capital (lit. head city)
    alor'uus - corporal
    al'verde - commander
    anade - everyone, everybody
    aran - guard
    aranar - defense
    araniik - cordon
    ara'nov - defense
    arasuum - stagnation
    arpat - seed
    aru'e - enemy
    aruetii - (ah-roo-AY-tee) traitor, outsider, comparable to "them"
    aruetiise - Aruetii, plural
    ash'ad - someone else
    baar - body
    baar'pir - sweat
    baar'ur - medic
    ba'buir - grandfather/grandmother
    ba'jur - education, training
    balac - opportunity
    bas neral - coarse grain used for animal fodder and brewing; thought unfit to eat
    ba'vodu - uncle
    ba'vodu (pl. bavodu'e) - aunt/uncle
    behot - a citrus-flavored herb, antiseptic, and mild stimulant
    beroya (bair-OY-ah) bounty hunter
    bes'bavar - cavalry
    besbe - kit (slang)
    besbe'trayce - weapons
    bes'bev - Mandalorian wind instrument also used in combat
    be'senaar - missile
    bes'kad - slightly curved saber of Mandalorian iron
    beskar - Mandalorian iron
    beskar'ad - droid (literally "child of iron")
    beskar'gam - armor (literally "iron skin")
    bes'laar - music
    be'sol - priority
    besom - unhygienic person, someone with no manners
    Bes'uliik - Basilisk (literally "iron beast")
    beten - sigh
    bev - needle, spike
    beviin - lance
    bevik - stick
    bic - it
    bines - stack
    birgaan - backpack
    birikad - baby carrying harness
    bora - job
    buir - father/mother
    burc'ya - friend
    buy'ce (pl. buy'cese) - helmet; colloquial: pint, bucket
    ca - night
    chakaar - thief, petty criminal, scumbag, bitch, bastard, bugger, (lit: "grave robber")
    Coruscanta - Coruscant
    Cuy'val Dar - those who no longer exist
    cyar'ika- darling, beloved, sweetheart
    cyar'tomade - fans, a group of people with affection for something
    darasuum - eternity
    dar'buir - no longer a father/mother (very shameful)
    dar'jetii - no longer a Jedi (Sith, Dark Jedi)
    dar'manda - a state of being "not Mandalorian"; not an outsider, but one who has lost his heritage, and so his identity and soul
    dar'yaim - a hell, a place you want to forget
    dha - dark
    di'kut - a foolish, idiotic, useless individual (severe); context-dependent:can mean jerk, moron, idiot, etc. (sometimes vulgar)
    droten - people, public.
    entye - debt
    gal - ale
    gayi'kaab - radio
    gayiyli - resurrector
    gett - nut
    ge'verd - almost a warrior
    gihaal - fish-meal
    gra'tua (gra-TOO-ah) - revenge, vengeance
    hut'uun (hoo-TOON) - coward
    ib'tuur - today (lit: "this day")
    jai'galaar - shriek-hawk
    jatne'buir- best father/mother
    Jetii (Jeh-tee) - (the) Jedi
    Jetii'kad (jeh-TEE-kahd) - Lightsaber
    Jetiise - (the) Republic, plural "Jedi"
    kad - saber
    kal - knife
    kama - backside, back, belt-spat
    Kaminiise - Kaminoans
    kando (KAHN-do) - importance, weight
    ka'ra - stars
    ka'rta - heart
    ke'gyce - command, order
    kom'rk - gauntlet
    kot - strength
    kote - glory, might
    kyr'am - death
    Kyr'tsad - Death Watch (lit. Death Society) - breakaway Mandalorian sect
    Mand'alor - Mandalore, leader
    Manda'yaim - Mandalore
    Mando'ad - Mandalorian (lit: Son/Daughter/Child of Mandalore)
    Mar'eyce - discovery
    mirsh - brain cell
    mirshe - brain, brains
    ne'tra gal - black ale
    Niktose - nikto
    norac - back
    orar - thunder
    or'dinii - complete lunatic
    ori'ramikade - Supercommandos (lit: Super-raiders with sabers)
    ori'vod - big brother/sister, special friend
    osik - crap, poodoo (sometimes vulgar)
    parjai - victory
    prudii - shadow
    rang - ash
    runi - soul(poetic only)
    shabuir - extreme insult - "jerk", but much stronger
    shebs (shebs, s.); shebse (SHEB-say, pl.) - backside, rear, butt (sometimes vulgar)
    shig (SHEEG) - any kind of hot drink, an infusion
    Shuk'orok - Crushgaunt
    Siit - Sith
    tal - blood
    tar - starfield, space, star, sky
    tat - brother (Concord Dawn dialect for vod)
    Taungsarang - the ash of the Taung
    tihaar - an alcoholic drink; a strong, clear spirit made from fruit
    tor - justice
    tracinya - flame
    tracyn - fire
    troan - face
    tsad - alliance, group, organization
    tuur - day
    uj'alayi - a very dense, very sweet cake made from crushed nuts, dried fruit and spices, and then soaked in a sticky scented syrup called uj'jayl. Colloquially known as an Uj cake.
    uj'Jayl - a sticky scented syrup
    vecuyan - aid, assistance, help
    ven - future
    verd - warrior
    vhett - farmer
    vod (VOHD) - brother, sister, comrade
    vode (VOH-day) - brothers, sisters, comrades
    vod'ika - little brother, little sister
    Vongese - Yuuzhan Vong or just Vong
    vul - (VUHL) - remorse
    Werda - shadows (archaic)


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Re: Mando'a
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2010, 12:30:51 PM »

Aliit ori'shya tal'din - "Family is more than bloodline." Mandalorian Proverb.
    Ba'slan shev'la. - Strategic disappearance. Mandalorian Phrase.
    Cin vhetin - the concept that once a person takes up the armor their past does not matter anymore. (Lit: White Snow) Mandalorian Concept
    Copaani gaan? - Need a hand?
    Copaani mirshmure'cye, vod? - Are you looking for a smack in the face, mate?
    Cuy'val Dar - "Those who no longer exist"
    Gar serim - "Yes, you’re right." or "That's it."
    Gar taldin ni jaonyc; gar sa buir, ori'wadaas'la. - "Nobody cares who your father was, only the father you'll be." (Lit: Bloodline is not important, but you as a father are the most valuable thing.) Mando saying emphasising the importance of a father's role, and that a man is judged more by that than his lineage.
    Gedet'ye - please
    Haat, Ijaa, Haa'it - Truth, Honor, Vision—said when sealing a pact
    Haatyc or'arue jate'shya ori'sol aru'ike nuhaatyc - "Better one big enemy that you can see than many small ones you can't."
    Haili cetare (HI-lee ket-AH-ray) - Eat up (lit: "Fill your boots")
    Haryc b'aalyc - "tired and emotional" - i.e. drunk
    Hukaat'kama (hu-KAHT-ka-MAH) - Watch my back, watch my six
    Ib'tuur jatne tuur ash'ad kyr'amur. - "Today is a good day for someone else to die." (lit: "This day (is) the best (for) another person to die.")
    Jodo! - an insult directed at one who steals a popular public persona to achieve fame and fortune
    Kandosii! - "Awesome!"
    K'atini - Suck it up!
    Kaysh guur' skraan - "He loves his food." (Said of someone who has a healthy appetite, using the verb for affection rather than enjoyment.)
    Kaysh mirsh solus - "His brain cell's lonely." (Intended as an insult to one who is very unintelligent)
    Ke barjurir gar'ade, jagyc'ade kot'la a dalyc'ade kotla'shya. - "Train your sons to be strong but your daughters to be stronger." Mandalorian saying.
    Ke nu jurkad sha Mando'ade, burc'ya! - "Don't mess with Mandos, mate!" (lit: "Don't wave your saber at Mandalorians, mate!" )
    Ke nu jurkad ti Mando'ade, burc'ya! - "Don't cross swords with Mandos, mate!"
    Ke'pare - "Stand by"
    Ke'sush (Keh-SOOSH) - "Atten-shun!"
    Kom'rk tsad droten troch nyn ures adenn, Dha Werda Verda a'den tratu. - They were the wrath of the warrior's shadow and the Gauntlet of the Republic (A line from a Mandalorian war song, adapted for the Republic Commandos).
    Kov'nyn-a head-butt; a Keldabe kiss
    K'oyacyi! - "Cheers!" Can also mean "Hang in there" or "Come back safely." Literally, a command; "Stay alive!"
    K'uur - Hush, Be quiet
    Mando'ad draar digu - A Mandalorian never forgets
    Mandokarla - You've got the right stuff.
    Mar'e (MAH-ray) - expression of relief colloquial: "At last!"
    Mhi solus tome, mhi solus dar'tome, mhi me'dinui an, mhi ba'juri verde - We are one whether we are together or apart, we will share everything and we will raise our children as warriors. A Mandalorian marriage contract.
    Mir'osik - something undesirable where your brains ought to be, i.e. "Dung for brains"
    Mirsh'kyramud (MEERSH-keer'AH-mood) - boring person (lit: "brain killer")
    Mishuk gotal'u meshuroke, pako kyore. - Pressure makes gems, ease makes decay. Mandalorian Proverb.
    Munit tome'tayl, skotah iisa - Long memory, short fuse
    Nar dralshy'a - Try harder
    Ne shab'rud'ni… - "Don't mess with me..." (extremely strong warning - much stronger than jurkadir - and likely to be followed by violence)
    Ner vod (nair vohd) - "my brother/sister" colloquial: "(my) buddy/pal/lad/chap"
    Ni dinu ner gaan naakyc, jorcu ni nu copaani kyr'amur ner vod - Honor my offer of truce, for I would not willingly shed my brother's blood.[4]
    Ni kar'tayl gai sa'ad - Mandalorian adoption vow (lit: "I know (your) name as (my) son/daughter")
    Ni kar'tayl gar darasuum (nee kar-TILE garh dah-RAH-soom) - colloquial: "I love you." (lit: "I know you forever.")
    Ni su'cuyi, gar kyr'adyc, ni partayli, gar darasuum - Daily remembrance of those passed on (lit: "I'm still alive, but you are dead. I remember you, so you are eternal") followed by the names of those remembered - Mandalorian tradition
    Nu jurkad Mando'ade, burc'ya! - a reassurance, comparable to "Steady, mate"
    Nu kyr'adyc, shi taab'echaaj'la - "Not gone, merely marching far away" (Mandalorian phrase for the departed)
    Ori'buyce, kih'kovid. - "All helmet, no head." (Mandalorian insult for someone with an overdeveloped sense of authority.)
    Ori'haat - "It's the truth, I swear - no bull."
    Ori'jate - "Very good"
    Resol'nare - Six Actions
    Ret'lini - Just in case
    Re'turcye mhi! - goodbye
    Su cuy'gar! - a friendly greeting (lit: "still live," i.e. "so you're still alive.")
    Su'cuy! - So you're still alive (greeting)
    Tion'ad hukaat'kama? (Tee-ON-ahd HOO-kaht-KA-ma) - "Who's watching your back?"
    Tsad droten - Republic, democracy, even government; context-dependent (lit: "people's organization")
    Udesii - "calm down", "take it easy"
    Usenye (oo-SEN-yay) - "Go away!" (obscene)
    Verd ori'shya beskar'gam. - "A warrior is more than (his) armor" (Mandalorian proverb)
    Vor entye - thank you (lit: "I accept a debt")
    Vor'e (VOHR-ay.) - thanks, short form of vor entye
    Yai'yai - "richly nourishing" - peculiarly Mandalorian description of dense, high-calorie food, of great importance to people dependent on highly portable field rations
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Re: Mando'a
« Reply #3 on: May 15, 2010, 12:31:48 PM »

Other words
a (ah) - but
    an (ahn) - all
    ashi - other
    ast - itself
    bah - to
    bal (bahl) - and
    be - of
    cuun (koon) - our
    elek (EL-eck) - yes (colloquial: lek, comparable to "yeah")
    gar - you, your
    haar - emphatic definite article (rare)
    ibic - this
    juaan - beside
    kaysh (kaysh) - him, his, he (masculin third person referral)
    ke - imperative prefix
    ke nu - "don't" prefix
    lo (loh) - into
    meg (mayg) - which, that, that, who
    meh (mey) - if
    mhi (mee) - we
    nayc (NAYSH) - no (colloquial: shh, comparable to "nah")
    ner (nair) - my
    ni - I
    par - for
    ra - or
    ru - added in front of a noun to make it past tense
    sa - as, like
    sha or shal - at (when used in front of a consonant)
    te - the
    teh - from
    ti - with
    tion - interrogative prefix
    tion'ad - who, interrogative
    vaii - where
    val - they, their, theirs
    ven - future prefix


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Re: Mando'a
« Reply #4 on: May 15, 2010, 12:32:22 PM »

solus (SOH-loos) - one
    t'ad (tahd) - two
    ehn (enn) - three
    cuir (KOO-eer) - four
    rayshe'a (ray-SHEE-ah) - five
    resol (reh-SOL) - six
    e'tad (EH-tad) - seven
    sh'ehn (shayn) - eight
    she'cu (SHAY-koo) - nine
    ta'raysh (ta-RAYSH) - ten
    olan (o-LAN) - hundred
    ta'raysholan (TAH-raysh-oh-lahn) - thousand
I'm not sure why it doesn't go over 999,999, maybe you have to say something like: "A thousand thousands," or something.


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Re: Mando'a
« Reply #5 on: May 15, 2010, 12:42:50 PM »

Adjectives and adverbs
adenn (pl. adennate) - merciless
    ala - clever
    ani'latoon - ultimate
    aruetycate - traitorous
    atin - stubborn
    briikase - happy
    dar - no longer
    darasuum - eternal/eternally, forever
    di'kutla - foolish, idiotic (severe)
    drali - bright
    dralshy'a - stronger, more powerful
    droun'yn - never
    ge'tal - red
    hettyc - burning
    hut'uunla - cowardly
    iviin'yc - fast, quickly
    jate - good
    jatne - best
    je'karta - vengeful
    kandosii - indomitable, noble, ruthless
    lev'i - retarded
    mesh'la - beautiful
    nau - before
    ne'tra - black
    ori - big, extreme, very
    racin - pale
    shabla - screwed up (offensive)
    shukla - crushed
    solus - one, alone, each, individual, vulnerable
    sol'yc - first
    talyc - bloody (can be used to describe meat as "rare")
    teroch - pitiless
    tome - together
    tracyn'la - grilled, chargrilled, scorched
    troch - certainly
    ures - without


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Re: Mando'a
« Reply #6 on: May 15, 2010, 01:58:50 PM »

You really are into star wars, huh.


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Re: Mando'a
« Reply #7 on: May 15, 2010, 02:02:40 PM »

Yes, very, thanks for asking. :)


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Re: Mando'a
« Reply #8 on: May 27, 2010, 04:55:13 PM »

Good news, in case you want to write Mando'a on paper, here's the alphabet.



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Re: Mando'a
« Reply #9 on: May 28, 2010, 12:24:14 PM »

Yes...Good news...


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Re: Mando'a
« Reply #10 on: May 31, 2010, 03:57:10 PM »

Did you not happen to catch the words, "In case you want to?" If you don't want to learn this language but you keep posting relatively unneeded comments, I'm locking this thread.