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After beating, interrogating and brutally murdering several low-level demons, gaining no information, Steelfist decided to try something else. "Bloody stupid orders; why would low-level demons know anything?" He grumbled to himself, "What I need is a higher up-" he broke off as he remembered the nearby outpost. Wasn't there a lieutenant there? Surely he would know what was going on! Steelfist started toward the outpost.

When he arrived, the first thing he noticed was the six guarding demons. He could handle them, but not before they raised the alarm, and he would rather not advertise his presence to all of Hell. He scratched is head, but stopped when he heard a steely scraping sound. The sound stopped. Understanding dawned; He was always steel! he just looked like he was made of flesh. He concentrated on his arm. It began to change colour - not to steely grey, but to a darker skin tone. He grinned, and his body rippled into the terrifying shape of a Demon-Lord. He strode toward the outpost, filled with confidence, and his face thunderous. The guards saluted in terrified obedience, and one opened the door for him. "What is the meaning of-" The seated lieutenant spluttered, but stopped when he saw who he speaking to. The lieutenant stood and saluted. Suddenly, Steelfist whirled round, decapitating the accompanying guards and stunning the lieutenant. A guard opened the door, only to be skewered by a steel spike that had appeared in place of Steelfist's arm. Leaping outside, he dealt death to the remaining guards, and dragged their bodies inside, closing the door behind him. He calmly walked over to the lieutenant, who attempted to scramble to his feet. Steelfist hefted him into the air with one hand. "What does the Demon King intend to do with the army?" he said bluntly.
"I refuse to betr-" He stopped as he saw what Steelfist had transformed his other hand into, and swallowed. "War." He whimpered.
"Who with?"
"Armageddon!" Steelfist cursed, inadvertently crushing the lieutenant's throat, "I should have known!"
He turned and walked out.

Xemadus Echina:
Rainen was trapped.  A demon managed to grab him from behind and now one of the Demon king's generals was on the scene.  It spoke and the other demons trembled "Who are you mortal" this guy better not piss me off Rainen stood silently, smirking at the general.  A demon punched Rainen in the gut and he doubled over "WHO ARE YOU" the general roared in a thunderous bellow. Rainen began coughing  "throw this tiny little pipsqueak to the pits.  He won't talk any time soon"  Rainen stopped coughing looked up with a face frozen with rage.  He began speaking, just barely holding in his rage "did. you... just. call me a... Pipsqueak?" the general smiled and began to laugh as Rainen suddenly glowed a blue-green color "IM GONNA BURN YOU TO THE F$*&#@ GROUND YOU B@$+#^&" Rainen exploded into a fit of rage and the demon holding on to him exploded into a ball of blue green fire.  He threw his hands up and fire of the same color erupted from the ground.  The general looked in horror as his minions turned to dust all around him.  "Your next bait"  Rainen looked at the general with death in his eyes.  The general began to run but a sword ripped through his leg, causing him to fall.  He turned around and Rainen was standing there with a wild look that said he wouldn't stop until his victim was horribly maimed.  Rainen held out the sword and it dissipated only to be replaced by a new sword that was gray and looked like it was made of bone.  He swung it and it just barely missed the generals chest.  A second passed and the general burst out in sobs of agony and pain.  Rainen smiled and began to swing the sword in the same fashion as before, never actually cutting the general.  Rainen began to laugh louder and louder as his form changed into that of a dragon and soon it stopped.  The flames died down and the sword broke off into particles and dissipated like the first one.  Rainen stopped glowing and became human again he began to walk on to the rendezvous point.  I hope the others are there 

(and yes i actually do get pissed off when people call me certain things.  thats where this whole scenario came from.  my older brother called me something and i ended up having him in a death lock kneeing him in the spine.  In my story though Rainen has a dragon form but it gets infected with a virus which causes Rainen to loose control of himself whenever he experiences rage.)

There were unforseen complications with Brom's trap coordinates.

Bloody hell! though Brom, One wrong twitch and I'm a goner!

Suddenly, a demon caught on to Brom's position, and, shortly after a sharp exhale, pounced at Brom.

"Bloody perfect!" yelled Brom, "Well, if I die, I'm not going down like some god damn red-shirt!"

He drew his sword and slashed at the demon, slicing off an arm and a leg. Just when it seemed that Brom would win, the demon noticed a flaw in Brom's tactics and took advantage, kicking him in his man-spot, and impaling him with one of his sharp-toed feet.

"AHHH!!!" screamed Brom, coughing up blood, "Heh, I hope you die screaming, demon scum."

The demon roared in rage and struck Brom's head hard enough to twist his neck, and with that, Brom fell to the floor. The demon laughed at Brom's corpse, and resumed his patrol, without an arm and a leg, a reminder of the encounter with Brom.


Rainen, not picking up Brom's emnations anywhere, was worried, for, moments before, he sensed a battle between a demon and Brom, he could feel the demon... but not Brom.

It could only mean one thing, Rainen thought, He's dead.

OOC: Took you long enough.  Maybe if I get better at writing I'll come back... since how can you die in eternity?


--- Quote from: Bromtaghon on June 20, 2010, 07:57:30 AM ---OOC: Took you long enough.  Maybe if I get better at writing I'll come back... since how can you die in eternity?

--- End quote ---
I guess you're dead for now (somehow), but whether you come back or not is entirely up to you.


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