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As set by CraigStern on the old forums:
"All right folks, there are only a few rules for posting here (as of right now--more may be added later if the need arises):

-- no pornography
-- no hate speech
-- no spamming
-- no flaming
-- no advertising (as of 5-27-11)

Doing any of those things is a bad idea, and will probably get you banned from these forums.

What should you do, then?

-- be polite
-- use proper grammar
-- consult when in doubt about how to spell something

That's all. Now go off and have fun!"

I was wondering, since when you write a really long post, the reply box starts acting up, could you double-post occasionally for the really long posts? It would make things a lot easier.

Wasn't aware of that problem: I think it's worth pointing out to CraigStern about the replay box issue. Otherwise, if it's used sensibly and not too often, I don't see why not. An alternative can be to write half-a-post, post it, then edit it and add extra text to it.

That same reason is why, when I suggested redoing the RTD with all the rules and stats and stuff, that they be separated into several posts

As of right now, you must have 5 posts in order to post in General. This is to deal with the annoying spambots who keep signing up and posting there. Let me know if you have any questions.


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