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The Nation of Hubras Returns!

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Xemadus Echina:
OOC: hey guys sorry for the mia.  I got insanely busy at camp and didn't have the time to get on and post. since i'm not sure how often i'll be on i'll write myself out of the main plot line and go on a gathering power sub plot.

IC: Rainen had been running for hours.  that feeling was horrible... It felt like something just stabbed me in the back and drained all my power...  He had made a copy of himself using a vast combination of abilities in order to create a doppleganger that might give him enough time to run away while changing his form into that of a younger male of the same build  Whatever that thing was it's long gone by now Rainen clutched his sword, the yellow orb embedded in it still feeding him power if it wasn't for this thing i would have died... he kept running and running and eventually came to a clearing with an enormous building in it. that must be the psy academy that was going through that one guys mind  Rainen walked up to the school and passed though the gate.  He asked a guard how he could enroll and was sent to the main office.  He talked to the lady at the desk and eventually he became enrolled as a red cape.  According to the schools records, he was a seven year old boy who was abandoned by his parents because he was a psy.  the school searched him and found no trace of the sword he alway carried, it was sealed away in a space that can't fully be explained. They tested him and discovered he was already able to use pryokinetic abilities.  Upon scanning his mind, they only found memories that matched up perfectly with his story right down to the name of his parents and the date he ran away.  The rest was hidden away by his abilities which in themselves didn't even leave a trace.  Days passed and his reputation grew throughout the school as a prodigy who surpassed all others.  Even the abilities of the hero of the shadowling wars seemed to be forgotten around him. 

OOC: ok so it's almost time for me to go again.  The camp is going to a red barons game and i have a few more posts to make before i go.

Are you suggesting that Rainen is more powerful than the main of TRPG? Because, if so, that may be going a little far. Bear in mind that he beat Nelis (if you took that path), and she was essentially a god. Rainen, I believe, is supposed to be a demi-god, or have similar capabilities. Therefore, if someone could beat Nelis, they could probably beat Rainen.

I can believe he's a prodigy.  Seeing as the Shadow Wars were 120-150 years ago, reports about the mysterious human who lead the Spriggats to victory might be a bit distorted; they might even see the Main as a demi-god.  Also, he's not saying he's more powerful- he's just saying they forgot about the main.

The trees rustled, and there was a scream, horribly drawn out, as if something or someone was in mortal agony, and a second later, an inhuman screeching. Seth’s eyes narrowed. Apparently, this person would not be coming. He spun and plunged into the forest, heading away from whatever had made the noise, with Mako just behind. He instructed his team via telepathy to meet him in the clearing just ahead. At that very moment, he saw Mako take off. He paused, to listen for signs of pursuit. There was silence. He turned, and screamed, just once.

There was silence.

OOC: Yes, I just killed off my character, but I intend for him to become a spirit, or possibly be resurrected.

Interesting- I intended to make Reese die, too, originally- but I think I'll keep him alive.

For now.


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