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I think a spriggat set (already in tprpg2) would really round out the map editor nicely, and would add more diversity to the psy enemies. They could just be copied from tprpg2 (stats here are taken from the game).

Red Spriggat

Health: 38
Speed: 3
Attacks: Fire Breath (Range: 1-2, Damage: 10)
Resistance: Heat

White Spriggat:

Health: 60
Speed: 3
Attacks: Frost Breath (Range: 1-2, Damage: 9), Big Shield (Range: Square (including self), Healing: 24)
Resistance: Cold

Dark Spriggat:

Health: 75
Speed: 3
Attacks: Dark Breath (Range: 1-3, Damage: 15)
Resistance: Shadow

If you look at the map editor, the spriggats are in there already. 
The formulated enemies ideas therad is for those proposals that were extensively discussed and generally agreed upon in the "new enemy ideas" thread.

As KZ said, the spriggans are all ready implemented as enemies in the game, they likely have something to do with a quest yet undeveloped.

yeah or they're your allies or try to get them as allies then you have to chose between spriggats and shadowlings I think that would be pretty cool

I was expecting something more like uniting the spriggats and shadowlings against the tyranny of the Cult. Of course there will all ways be feuding shadowlings and spriggats, which you will have to deal with.


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