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what is kz's coo

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I'm gonna start a new thread revolving around Presentiment so we don't keep running in other threads.

On second thought, just use general conversations.


--- Quote from: The Holy namelesskitty on August 04, 2010, 08:05:03 PM ---It's a really scary thought, espicially because we might ban the wrong pres or even worse not even know it. Maybe we missed an alias while banning and the real Presentiment is among us now and ready to bespam and flame unto all those who make light of his name, if so the trail leds right back to...

--- End quote ---
I just noticed this, and I think if we don't notice that it's Pres, it's fine, as if we don't notice he's a productive and helpful member of the forum, and shouldn't be prosecuted unless he spams/flames again.

This is getting off topic, I suggest this thread be locked on the account that everyone now knows what KZ's C.O.O. is, and that it has gotten so off topic, that posting here now just may become spamming.

I agree.
More than half of the posts are off topic. I guess it's the holidays! :)
Thread locked.


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