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What would you do?

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Try to see how close you came to yourself in my imagination.

What would you do if you had the chance to save the girl of your dreams... but you had to simulationously save the world?

Get out my computer and practice up on my Clichés just to be safe.

What would you do if 2012 was actually going to happen

Not care, if 2012 is the apocolypse, there's nothing we can do about except flee to another galaxy, which isn't happening anytime soon.

What would you do if cried in your pillow while eating a teddy bear and punching your sister?

I don't have a sister nor any teddy bears. The pillow would taaste could though

What would you do If I said that I'm going to be gone from the forum for around a 4 weeks in a couple days

Tell you to post that in the "Vacation!" thread.

What would you do if  ??? + :-* = :'( + :-\?


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