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The Holy namelesskitty:
what if we make the true humans and the evolved fight each other, wouldn't that be effective and efficient, not to mention really fun.

We're attacking the Evolved under your command, so could we attack the Evolved under your command already?

The Holy namelesskitty:
OOC: very well then, I've just been thinking of how to do this.

IC: Cassiopia gritted her teeth in frustration, the evolved seemed to have every path of a stealthy and quick small group sneak in, ruin their operation and get out, leaving the bastards (pardon my French) or what was left of them scratching their heads and muttering 'How in the world did that happen'. Then she had an Idea that was often considered folly within the tightly knot group of assassins, smugglers, burglars, and murderers, who called themselves the thieves guild; a large frontal assault on the evolved, not on her own or even with all those who shared a common purpose with her, that just couldn't be done after all losing lives was not her thing, and after losing Tomoe, she swore to never be so careless and self centered again, she just couldn't bear to lose another friend. still she did not abandon the idea although they were arrogant and pompous, they could boast some intelligence and anyone with any brain at all would spend every resource at their disposal on preventing a silent stealth attack if Cassiopia was on the giving side of the punishment. For hours Cassiopia sat in her crude room hewn out of the side of a cavern, when suddenly while her thoughts of rivalries drifted to those of the evolved. That's when it hit her, the evolved positively hated the true humans, and the true humans felt the same way about the evolved, so it would follow that if they fought each other, both of the sides would be weakened and possibly one obliterated altogether. and it only follows that if two of those which we are against fight, the only one to stand to gain is us, and after that we would swoop down like a falcon on a wounded mouse and have our share of revenge. when Cassiopia thought this plan over, she began to like it more and more, it was devious, cruel, and merciless towards her enemies while easily adaptable and forgiving of small errors on her side of the deal.

"everyone knows that there is no fury in hell which can equal a woman scorned, but women can't lay a finger on the thieves guild." she said inadvertently, she thought about the line and decided that that was how she'd end her proposition, she quickly wrote down a speech and a reminder to herself to call a meeting as early as possible and finally let herself drift blissfully into sleep.

The next morning a meeting was called right on schedule and a buzz drifted throughout everyone in attendance "she better have a darn good plan," she heard a man utter "she's been holding off the attack for two damn weeks"

"Ye'll keep yer mouth shut if yer Knows what's good for yeh," said a low-ranking thieves guild operative "there are plenny o' men worse'n me 'round here'll tear yer arms off fer that sort'er comment."

As Cassiopia passed the two arguers she prayed that she wouldn't need to break up a fight this close to her victory, if a fight broke out now she'd never reconcile the two factions enough to pull off her scheme, in the thieves guild alone it would come off without a hitch, but she feared that the thieves guild was too few, even though they were definitely elite for this sort of conspiracy.

As she took the rough hewn stage, the room grew silent she first addressed the need for absolute cooperation, "If you don't act like you are holding your mother's life when treating others this plan will fail and we will be consumed by a separate attack from the true humans and the evolved." she was obviously one exaggeration short of a fairy tale, but everybody seemed scared by that comment excluding the thieves guild. she then went on to explain that our temporary union would be as suspicious as possible, bu only of the party which we are not preforming for, she said said that she expected people to "lose" important notes and "accidentally" drop hints about the other army preparing for an assault, and that after they both were weakened we could leap from the bushes so to speak and destroy the remainder. she gave all of the leaders control of their own forces but stressed the to not be seen for who you are.

That night against all odds regardless of her anticipation Cassiopia slept soundly all through the night and up until the time when she would turn everyone loose with much vigor. and as soon as the did, all of the leaders were barking commands loudly, however she simply said "You know what to do," and dismissed the guild with a wave or her hand.

Xemadus Echina:
OOC: I believe that's my cue to continue the story with a little filler-while-things-get-accomplished.

IC: Jace stood defiantly as he watched his newest creation ravage the training ground before ceasing to exist no more then half a minute later, his best by far.  He managed to create a golem of pure flames come to life by combining it with an advanced shield he learned over the past two weeks and a special shield created from his light affinity.  Refiam Beamed with pride as he saw the apex of his element wreck havoc.  "You have done well Rainen.  I find it personally amazing that the creation of a fire golem through purely psy means is even possible, no matter how short of a life span it may have."  Just then a messenger ran up to Refiam, breathless, saying quickly "Sir, the brotherhood has begun it's plans.  We have taken the advice of Cassiopia and decided to use trickery to bring both the true humans and the evolved into battle with one another."  Jace looked at the messenger with bright eyes and said "So your leader has already aloud my revenge to happen?  Do you know if and when I will be able to personally join the battle against the true humans?"  The messenger shook his head and said "We will be pitting the two groups against each other and then we will attack the evolved personally once the war between the two is over.  If the father allows it, he may allow you to join with the evolved so that you may take part in the battle with the true humans.  If he's in a good mood he may even allow some of our elite to pose as initiates to the evolved.  Of that though, I can only guess."  Jace smiled and said with a warmth in his voice "Any strike against the True Humans is enough to satisfy me as long as they are never allowed to harm another psy unjustly."  Jace looked at the ceiling of the cavern and for just a moment it seemed to twinkle.  Seconds later he collapsed onto the floor holding his head.  Soon after that his eyes burned and light seemed to pour out of his mouth and his body became cocooned in pure white light which quickly became a blazing inferno.  Lucil jumped from her resting place and together with Refiam they managed to control both the light and flames that Jace emitted.  When the event was over Jace was left huddled on the floor in a smoldering heap.  Lucil bent down and threw some shields up onto Jace in order to revive him and a second healer quickly joined in.  Refiam frowned and spoke softly saying "So any memory of his parents must trigger the event.  Now that he has had training the problems that stem from these events are far worse."  He spoke a little louder for Lucil to hear him and he said "We must return to his rage training so that he may put a block on the portion of his being that responds to rage.  He must not be allowed to use his powers until that goal is reached."  Lucil spoke in a voice that conveyed caring for Jace and said "We should have spend far more time on that portion of his training.  Our mistake and lack in judgement may very well cost Rainen his life some day."

OOC: In case you're wondering where the idea of the fire golem came from, here it is:  It uses the solid state shield to bring flammable and magnetic derbies into the shape of a golem which is then kept lit with Jace's fire affinity.  Then using electromagnetic waves to manipulate the magnetic portion of the golem he is able to control it's every movement. 

I take it he is exhausted if he holds it as long as he can?


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