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I think he just means not to OD on the power juice, but I need confirmation, so, it's up to Steelfist.

Name: Sigrun
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Psy Healer
Affinity: Light
Faction: Psy Knights
Special Skill: Sigrun focuses on healing, and her only combat skill is Light Blast.

Bio: Sigrun has always wanted to be a member of the Psy Knights, like her parents before her. She knows of the dangers, but she wishes to protect the innocent. Though young, Sigrun is respected among her peers as a powerful healer and capable leader.

Equipment: None, aside from her clothes.

Team- Sigrun leads an all-female group of Psy Fighters. She focuses on defensive warfare, and is cautious when fighting. None of the women carry conventional weapons, and instead focus on using their prodigious psy skills instead. All of the women have the ability to use Point Telepathy, and a variety of other psy skills.

Florine: She focuses on area attacks, and tends to get right in the fray because of this. Of the group, she is the most durable. She knows Vengeance, and is very good at using it.

Katenka: She focuses on blasts, typically from far away. Katenka usually sticks with Sigrun when the fighting starts.

Marjory: She does a little bit of everything. She can heal and fight, neither was well as the group's specialists. Marjory is there when someone can't do their job.

Slate: A partially upgraded golem. It was purchased from the Mechanics. Although golems have no gender, Slate is referred to as 'she'.

Very good profiles! Oh, and Rainen; you can use the name Rainen, but that's all. You can't have Rainen, as in the Rainen that is OP, comes from another dimension, and is on a mission to stop some other creature from another dimension. But the name is fine.

Oh, I'll edit this in, but ground rules;

1) No character control, unless it is pre-agreed, or an obvious and minor choice. Dialogue is fine, but it's normally better to pre-agree on it.
2) No being the LEADER of any of the above factions, unless it's a very small one, such as a mercenary group.
3) You can control no more than four characters. Obviously, if you kill one off, you can bring another one in.
4) No OP weapons; for instance, laser pistol is fine, as it has it's drawbacks (so is the sniper, as it isn't as powerful as an energy weapon, and has limited ammo).
5) No killing off characters that you don't control (this could come under the heading of character control, but I thought I'd add it for emphasis.

Edit: Neatened it up. You might want to check your character's profile. If you want it changed, just say.

Xemadus Echina:
all right i can live with that.  to bad though i like being an OP god in these things XD (sarcasm)

code name: Rainen
Gender: Male
Race :Human
Class : Psy assassin
Affinity (if psy):fire/light
Faction :free lancer
Main Weapon: channel sword(specialized sword that can be used to channel the four elements)  dual daggers
Special skill: dual affinity and the ability to meld the elements into various forms including shields and various abilities for his sword.

Bio:  Jace is a free lancer of a strange origin.  His parents were each very powerful psys.  One with a fire affinity and the other with a light affinity.  When he was born his father was on the run from the true humans.  His mom was able to hide the fact that she was a psy.  What ended up happening is that his father returned to them both his mom and his dad died fighting.  At the time he was seven years old and when his parents were struck down he cried out and unleashed an immense blast of light that set fire to everything in the area.  (flair blast)  Since then he has been training his affinities separately and in the past year he finally regained the ability to meld them.  Now, he is seventeen and he works as a free lancer.  Currently, he is taking a sabbatical and looking for a place that he might be able to settle down.  He is on his way to the new psy academy in hopes that they will take him in.

Hmm, well; it's OK. I'm a little worried about the dual affinity, but otherwise, fine.

You realise, of course, that any decent psy can make a shield and channel their power through a weapon. I think that we might be heading a little to close to OP with tye flair blast thing, but if he was so tired he could barely move afterward, that should be fine. I might start on my chapter.


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