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Xemadus Echina:
The demon king tried to strike Rainen.  After making some near dodges and escaping the charge with a few scratches Rainen yelled out saying "guys we gotta finish this and fast.  We can't let him live." Fac fell to the ground and after taking a moment he looked up at Rainen and shouted back "If the lord of the damned survives this fight we will all perish."  Fac looked solemn as he attempted to nurse a wound on his left wing.  Dusk was hiding in an indent in the cavern wall, trying to charge up a blast and sneak attack the demon king.  Steel ran up and jumped at the demon king, using his newly acquired denseness to shatter the demon king's shin.  The demon king howled with rage and created an immense blast of fire in his gaping maw.  He turned his head to the side and then in an instant launched the fireball at steel.  He tried to jump out of the way but to no avail.  The ball of fire struck him in the side of his leg and to his horror, he began to melt.  "I'm hit!" he screamed as he fell to the ground.  Trying to gather his wits he began to reform his body and took on the shape of a scorpion.  "Steel watch out magical flames don't function the same way as normal fire."  At that steel's tail began to glow red and, like his leg, it began to melt away.  He looked back in horror and then fac shouted out "Pierce the demon king with his own flames!"  Steelfist skuttled up and tried to stab at the demon king but he got swatted away.  Rainen returned to the fight and began to distract the demon king some more.  From his vantage point above the demon king Dusk rocketed off and flew towards the demon.  He had purple sparks flowing from his eyes like raindrops and in his hand was a large sword of pure energy surrounded by a purp aura.  He twisted in the air and rocketed off the head of the demon king and dug the sword deep into his back creating a ten foot long gash.  As he did that Rainen jumped high over the demon king and like Dusk before him, launched himself downwards, grabbing dusk and pulling him down increasing the size of the gash another twenty feet.  The Demon king howled in agony and tried to swap Dusk and Rainen off of his back.  Fac took his chance and flew up straight to the bewildered eyes of the demon king.  He swiped at the demon king, blinding him, and began to fall down towards it's chest If I consume the heart of the king his power will finally be mine!  Steelfist joined the final assault and changed form into a snake with a perfectly pointed tail.  He created a second tail from the steel that was effected by the magical fire and then separated it from the rest of his body I'm glad THAT is gone.  He slithered up to join his struggling friends and stabbed the demon king right through the heel He might not be Achilles but that'll still hurt like hell  As an after thought he reformed his body to create a sharp appendage on the front of his face and began to burrow into the leg of the demon.  Fac flew straight at the heart of the demon and taking a huge swipe,  split his chest cavity wide open.  After taking a few more swipes he was finally able to grab at the heart of the demon This is it, my destiny has finally be realized.  Fac tore the heart of the demon out and the demon fell to the ground.  Rainen and Dusk rocketed off towards the wall and rebounded landing safely on the ground.  Rainen Dusk and Steel stared in horror as Fac ate the heart of the demon king.  He curled up into a cocoon and the cocoon grew until it was the size of a very large house.  In an instant it exploded outward in a blazing circle of fire causing Rainen Dusk and Steel to fly backwards and from within stepped out Fac in his new form.  He was colored a dark blood red and black symbols covered his arms and chest.  His eyes were pure black and they emitted spurts of fire every so often.  Large fangs protruded down over his bottom lip and his wings were arched with bone protruding from the tips of his wings.  He spread them out to their full length and each wing was over 200 feet long.  Giant claws protruded from each of his ten fingers and when he rubbed them together they created showers of sparks.  His feet had bony obtrusions that caused his skin to appear bumpy and each of his feet had four long toes that each ended in a sharp nail.  He spoke with a voice that could cause a building to fall and said "Thank you humans for assisting me in achieving my destiny.  For that I will allow you to leave this place and continue on to a higher existence.  As for me, I have a kingdom to rebuild and when that kingdom is complete all will perish.  Dusk shouted out and said "FAC HOW COULD YOU.  WE TRUSTED YOU"  At the mention of fac's name a pillar of flame shot out of the ground and Dusk managed to narrowly avoid it.  Fac laughed and the ground began to shake.  "Silly human trust is for the weak, and unless you want to perish now I suggest you don't call me by my real name.  We had a reason for never calling Lucifer by his real name."  With a wave of his hand Fac opened up a portal near the place where Dusk stood "Since I respect your power I will allow you to live this one time.  I trust you will be around to watch all that you once cared for parish."  Steelfist rose from his landing spot and walked into the portal.  Dusk fell down in a heap and Rainen pulled him to his feet.  He whispered into his ear saying "Listen, he's not the same Fac anymore.  Just let it go and then we can kill him later."  Dusk brushed away a tear and Rainen walked through the portal. Dusk followed leaving the cavern ringing with the last words that he would ever make in hell "The next time I see you I'll kill you myself Fac.  Don't ever forget my name."  The portal closed and Fac mumbled to himself with a smile "Don't worry friend, the next time we meet you will come to my side."
Dusk emerged on the other side of the portal.  He rejoined with Steel and Rainen and in the distance he saw three figures.  "Who are they?"  One of the figures was jumping up and down waving and another one shouted out saying "Bloddy hell what took you blokes so long!?"  Rainen smiled and said "It lookes like Brom made it out of hell before we did.  And i'll bet the one jumping up and down is Lighty's mortal form and the third one is mad"  Rainen, Steel and Dusk ran towards Lighty Brom and Mad "What took you guys so long?"  Mad smirked and slapped Rainen on the back "Don't ever pull that crap on me again or I'll pummel your bloody face in"  Brom smiled and lightly punched Dusk on the arm.  Lighty was staring at Steel, awed at how he could be made out of pure steel but still be living.  In order to spread his weight out Steelfist expanded his body so that he was seven feet tall with feet that were over a foot long.  "you guys missed it.  We all got super powers and now we're supposed to gather an army to fight the legions of hell.  We also killed the demon king."  "hey where's fac?"  a pillar of fire erupted from the ground right where Lighty was standing and he was left smoldering on the ground.  Brom laughed and Rainen used some of his energy to heal him so that he would still live. "I wouldn't say his name any more if i were you.  Just call him the demon king from now on"  Dusk looked back the way they came and he watched as the portal to hell closed.  "So what are you all waiting around for?  I thought you guys would be in heaven by now"  " oh we were in Heaven but an angle told us to wait here for our friends.  You guys should have seen what happened when an angle announced that Lucifer was slain, you guys are heros now.  It's too bad we some how managed to get out of hell on our own.  I really wanted to join in on that fight."  Mad looked away toward the Pearly gates.  The gates opened and the group walked towards it.  When they reached the gates they began to slowly close and once they were all through they snapped shut.  "We should have plenty of time for a spot of ale right mates?"  Brom looked hopefully at Rainen and then let out a joyous laugh as a bottle of champagne appeared in his hand shouting "I LOVE HEAVEN!"

Yay! I'm joining! I don't wanna be Hyper and Upbeat again xD

Xemadus Echina:
but but but thats who you are :( although MAYBE when the light god left you it changed you a little.  but JUST a little XD

xD i hope so :P

What I'm wondering about at this point is how are we going to kick-start this?


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