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Carriying on from a popular thread in the old forums (see here) by im2smart4u.
What would you like to see in Somnus (w.r.t. new areas, NPCs, old teammates, old NPCs, changes, etc)?

Hmm... In the last forums I was a bit late from the conversation that had already started, so I have to post some ideas in here. I think that somnus could be alot bigger than in thesecond game. After all, there are thousands of shadowling living in there. If the queen died, what happened to his castle? I think that you should get inside it in some point. I'd like to see also restraunt, or was it pub, that darkling and shadowboxer own.

You summed up several of the more popular ideas there, kivatti.The general desire was to see Somnus expnaded, potentially side-ways (e.g. the player can go to the right or left of the central Somnus map and get to another row of buildings). There was general desire to see the Assassin's Square, as well as the pub with Shadowboxer & Darkling, as well as the Library, filled with books, and Grotius/Nightling/Festus in it. Then there was the desire to see inside the palace, possibly to interact with the newly-formed Republican senate. Also, CraigStern commented on an idea of a musuem made inside the palace or the Deeper Downs.


--- Quote from: KZ on February 13, 2010, 07:41:42 AM ---as well as the Library, filled with books, and Grotius/Nightling/Festus in it. 

--- End quote ---
I thought Grotius was teaching at the Psy Academy.

True that, I was thinking how the duo was interactiong in TRPG2, hence the accidental  inclusion. That's another NPC for seeing, Grotius at the Psy Academy.


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