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Corrupt a Wish Foundation

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This popular game was introduced to us by "Game Crazy Kid",and here is the initial introduction:

"ok what you do is first screw up the last persons wish like as in
i wish i had a dollar
yes but its counterfeit

and after you make a wish
oh yeah and no loop hole less wishes"

The last wish on the last thread was:

I wish I was all powerful.

people now want you to do everything for them

I wish people would care about my opinion

Wish granted. Poeple care about your opinion so much that they all want it at the same time. You barricade your front door and die of starvation.

Your implicit desire to stop this thread from going by not posting a wish is corrputed by this reply.

I wish folks from the old forums quickly transfer to these ones and we get some interesting new people along the way.

Wish granted. The forums crash from so many users.

I wish I could be ignored if I wanted to.


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