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Pah, too complicated a wish for some, methinks!
But mind not: so the league was joined by USA, but their presence was nominal, as the American economy boomed and they still implemented the isolationist policy. So the Great Depression did occur, and the rest insued, excpet that UK and France were more linient on Germany in the 30s, continue with their appeasment policy, 'cause they were sure that USA will back them up if Germany didn't follow the calls of League of Nations. Again, Japan invading Manchuria, in reality getting condemnation from the League of Nations will see America try to act on the warning, war with Japan will ensue much earlier, completely distracting USA from European affairs. Meanwhile, France & UK allow Germany to get more land without any political or military backlash from them, and Germany and the Soviet Union divide up Poland as per Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. Moreover, giving Japan's war with USA, the Soviets were sure much earlier that there would be no war on two fronts (v Germany and Japan), so they started their own assasult on Nazi Germany, overpowering it in a year-long war (pretty reasonable, as analysis of military sources allows to draw conclusion that about 80-90& of military supplies of the Red Army were destroyed by the Nazis in the first two months of the war, as the army was caight off-guard, since they themselves were preparing for an assault) and quickly seizing over the rest of mainland Europe. Then follows a war of weakened USA against USSR, 2 bombs is simply not enough to offset the going momentum of the Red Army, and with the Chinese liberated by comrades from the north (logical next step for Soviets is to go into Asia- to Korea, then southwards and support the communists in China), a bloody showdown insues in which many cities are destroyed on mainland America and Asia, and we're set for a global communist regime. And Trotsky smiles on all of this.

How about for a simpler wish: I wish we could forsee the future and be able to influence it.

Xemadus Echina:
granted but a race called the immortals takes you captive despite your best efforts to evade capture. they then take your powers from you to make them powerful enough to conquer the universe. alas they have an absolute HATE for anything related to cheese so anything that can make cheese is promptly disintegrated.  good job my friend

i wish the RTD story had more activity.

Good job KZ
We were allied with the Soviets, but tensions were high enough that they would have violated this agreement in light of our lack of involvement with the Nazis. I applaud your genius!

So... everybody wants help from you and assassins attempt to kill you every time you chose a side that isn't theirs OR you chose no side at all. You survive these assassination attempts due to your powers, but are then fought over as an unwilling asset by the major powers of the world, and your support of Russia in this war leads to them ruling the world. The world economy and government then collapses due to Russia's ineffective bureaucracy. The Russians then begin a campaign to execute the inferior race of GINGERS, who have no souls.

I wish I had a 20 inch long... you know...

took me so long to write my reply that i ended up missing another post...

but anyways everybody goes on to the RTD story thing, and they find out who you are and make fun of you and your character for the rest of your life

my wish is the same
"I wish had a 20 inch know..."

Xemadus Echina:
granted,  somebody makes you a wooden figure that says "you know" that is 20 inches long

i wish that guy in my picture was happier


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