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Corrupt a Wish Foundation

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Your wish would be granted, however, you ended up with nothing!

I wish that my country wins this year's Soccer World Cup.

Granted, but your country never wins any sport world cup ever again.

I wish I could get more vacation from school.

Granted -- you are the envy of every single other student around and your house is egged constantly. Your parents make you pay for the new paint job your home now needs.

I wish I had more time to spend here!

Wish granted. You now spend more time here, and you even are promoted to a Mod. However, huge spam attacks become so common that you pass 99.9% of your time here trying unsuccessfully to clean out the mess.

I wish I had won the game I played earlier, instead of being last.

Granted. But by going back in time and winning said game, you mess up the time-space continuum and everybody ends up so much smarter, that nobody enjoys playing such games anymore.

I wish a user would remake TRPG2 using the TT engine, bringing more attention to this forum.


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