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What's your religion?

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I thought he was 11. I thought so because in "Train of Thought" I think he called himself "an 11 year old with an education".

I don't think I ever said that.

im2smart4u, I would have to say that I have yet to find a church which does not simply preach to me the wisdom of believing in their god.

I, as an atheist, have a form of self-reflection that works, minus the preaching. Whenever I stray from the moral compass, I think about how it happened, what went wrong, and how it can not happen again.

I think a wise man once said that if you only count your time as valuable when it's in short supply, you can only do great things when you're old.
And seriously, I'd rather do great things at thirteen.


--- Quote from: Duckling on February 18, 2011, 10:46:57 PM ---No. I may have done some things that go against their moral compass in the evaluation of the actions they would take in the circumstances, but I have not done anything against my moral code in the last 60 days. Not perfect.

Who's to judge whether the time spent was worth it? You? I don't waste my time. Other people (irritatingly) waste my time, but I allow them to because they convince me that they have the authority to waste my time, or that the waste of time isn't, really, or that the expenditure of time at the present will grant me gain in the future. But, yeah. I haven't really wasted my time recently. I'm sorry if this isn't the case with you.

--- End quote ---
So, I can't judge whether or not the time you spent was worth it, but you can judge that the time I spend on religion isn't worth it?

And about your moral compass, I guess mine is just a little bit more strict than yours, so I guess it is very possible to live up to your moral compass without screwing up. But, two things.
First of all, you said in your previous post, Whenever I stray from the moral compass... which means that you have, in fact, strayed from you moral compass and have done some things that are wrong.
Secondly, the definition of sin isn't not following your own moral compass, it's not following God's moral rules.

They're not moral rules. They're laws that were only put in place due to all the times we've screwed things up.

But how can we have screwed up if there were no rules? That's a paradox. Are you referring to the Adam+Eve situation?

Because if you are, I have one thing to say: "What's wrong with eating an apple?"


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