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Can a Christian friend of mine repent for me and absorb my sins? I don't sin very regularly, so it shouldn't be too much of a burden.

And, about the drunk driver, that isn't comparable. The drunk driver killed someone. I merely chose to live a life of integrity, learning, and frankly not caring what some guy a couple thousand years ago said that has now worked its way into irrelevance.

People committing victimless crimes, like indecent exposure, are given a warning, and only fined on repeat offenses, when they know the full extent of the particular law which forbids them.

It doesn't work that way. Death is the only way to get forgiveness. And the reason it's not needed today is because the perfect sacrifice died about 2000 years ago. But sins aren't transferrable that way.

Your Christian friend can't pay for his own sin, let alone yours.
God's standards of judging a lot different from your own. You might live a life of integrity by your standards (or my standards) but your good works don't cover up your bad. You still sinned and broke the law, so you have to pay for it. Before you even say that your sins are minor and God shouldn't punish you for it, I'm going to remind you that when you sin, you turn your back to God and live your own way without caring what he thinks, regardless of what you do. You said yourself that you don't care about God. Why should he let you into heaven and spend eternity with him if you don't care about him?

Oh, I don't think he should praise me. But, you know, him being a being of infinite compassion and all that, don't you think that it's a little much to eternally roast someone just because they don't care about you?

That's very strange, if you ask me.

When you sin against God, you commit treason against God. The punishment for treason is death. So, you get eternal death. You ask to be separate from God. You turn your back on him and want to live apart from him, so he grants you your wish. Being created by God, living apart from him is the same as living in hell. When you sin, you are asking to be separate from God.

There are only two options, life or death. Heaven or hell.


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