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What's your religion?

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--- Quote from: cyso on April 02, 2011, 04:28:36 PM ---
--- Quote ---Think about (M.K.) Gandhi. He did a lot of good for the India, trying to separate from India without restoring to violence. So with that, are you saying that someone who doesn't believe in your god, will automatically go to hell, even if they were a extremely good person in their life.
--- End quote ---
Yes, because even though Gandhi did many good things, they never erased any of the bad. No matter how many good things you do, you can't erase the bad.

--- End quote ---
But that wasn't the question, the question was: "Would he go to hell for not believing in God?" not, "Would he go to hell for his deeds?"

--- Quote from: cyso on April 02, 2011, 04:28:36 PM ---Yes. Being isolated in with his father in the forest doesn't remove the possibility of sin. For example, there is the way he treats and interacts with his father. He could be an absolute jerk to the only person he knows. Even if he wasn't, he probably wouldn't always treat or interact with his father like he should. Plus, much of the sin we do is inside. Not things like anger or sadness. Those are feelings and aren't bad by themselves. But, in this scenario, if the son had spent an hour thinking about how he should do something to his dad or hurt him in some way, he would have sinned. If he had been mad at him for a moment, he wouldn't have done anything wrong. By harboring evil thoughts, he would have sinned. I probably didn't do a good job explaining that, so I'm going to show a bible verse.
Matthew 5:27-28
“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery'. But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart."
I hope that clears things up. The hunter would have had to live an absolutely perfect life, which is beyond any of us. Living a simple life isn't the same as living a perfect life.

--- End quote ---

Once again, not the question, the question is, "Would he go to hell if he never knew God existed, and, therefore, could not believe?" not, "Could he still sin if he didn't know about god?"

Idozen Cair:
Hm. Duckling makes a lot of sense. To simplify:

Why would and should we go to hell for not believing in a god that doesn't even show he exists?

Why would and should we serve anyone that we can't see?

Why would ignoring someone that doesn't even show he exists be a debt to non-believers?

The Holy namelesskitty:
I'm atheistic but I'm an aetheistic existentialist.

Psst. Holy Nameless. Please correct your spelling; you're making us atheists look bad it looks silly.

The Holy namelesskitty:
I don't do "seplilng"


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