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By popular demand, here is a formulated orb ideas thread. Although some of the orbs are uiqte guessable in their nature, rumeor has it that there will be circa 15, and below will be a list of the best ideas by members which, hopefully, will get into the game.

The following ideas were suggested and agreed on by everybody who participated:

- a "mind blast counter-attack" orb
- a "gain experience faster" orb (thus, you get, say, not 0.2 but 0.4 increase)

This was suggested, and only one person was against the idea:
-an orb which gives "Vendetta" to Duvalier

Yet another idea was suggested and found universal appeal:

- an orb which, when equipped, changes enemy immunity to resistance status (thus, damage decrease going from 100% to 50%), and changes resitance damage decrease from 50% to 25%.

Can be explained by Duvalier becoming more aware of surroundings on a molecular/particle level and is able to better see the weak spots in the enemy defense and be able to exploit them without using extra power (thus, more effective at applying brute force).

An idea that has about 2/3 backing it a bit:

-mental resistance orb (though there is an issue with several attacks being not classified e.g. Spore Cloud)

Awesome Orb- Raises all enemies speeds, but drops their health


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