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We'll bring out the atheist calling card: How did God form, of who created Him?

If God is In existence outside of time and space, which He is, then He is unaffected by time and therefore has neither beginning or end for time has no hold over him. And as to being formed, if he exists out of space, which He does, then there is no true matter for him to consist of therefore, he needs not to have been originally formed.

If God is outside of Time, then what the hell is He doing meddling in human affairs? He could be a couple hundred years off, even with infinitely good time-aim.

And Buggy, what did I tell you about the origins of the universe? Take it up with the philosophy department. Just because there's little certain evidence from that time period doesn't mean we should just go with a faith forcing us to disregard the practices of science and conclusions easily drawn from observable fact. It means we say "I don't know" for a bit, and try again in a bit.

My personal theory is that what started the universe fails to violate causality in the same way that white holes don't violate causality; time is equally able to go backwards.

And no, your theist mockery of science doesn't make sense. I thought you said God was immaterial; where'd He get the idea for mass? Why not just make everything in His ethereal zone? Why so many arbitrary things? Again, this is a matter of philosophy and theology, not science.

So since the answer is "I don't know" right now, can we move on from one blip to a field where there are definite, but conflicting answers?

Simple. But I'm in a somewhat creative mood right now so I'm going tomcreate a second person narrative and upload it in a few. And I don't mock science. I believe that God gave it to us so that we could better understand the world we live in. I just don't like the fact that one crazy idiot decided to suggest that we originated from a single cell that somehow formed when we havn't been able to create life ourselves. And if it took millions of years for that to happen, wouldn't the earth and all the nasty conditions as well as necessary amino acids have cooled and dried away by then? And the fact that those necessary amino acids somehow managed to be in the same spot and somehow joined together in total randomness managed to form DNA capable of forming life? Want to know something? I have a TV in my room. But it's not just any TV, it's a science TV. So you see, I was walking through downtown a few years back and stumbled upon the junkyard. So I decided to grab a bunch of junk and throw it in a big box. Then I decided to close the lid and just carry the box around with me for days and days shaking it to no end. But then one day, several weeks after, I discovered that the rattling had stopped. So I opened up the big box and what did I find but a TV in perfect working order? So I decided to put it in my room. Nice story huh. And it's 100% true. Disclaimer: I accept no responsibility for the results of this story or this disclaimer

It is no coincidence that we live on Earth, as you say, with all the necessary amino acids all conveniently here for us, it's just the fact that we're living here (sorry for that, it's just that what I meant to say is too complicated to type), Earth could support life, that's why we live here, and there must be other races out there somewhere, as the galaxy is so enormous that there is no possible way that Earth is the only planet that could support life, in fact, look at Mars, while it isn't exactly filled with forests and oceans, water was found on the planet, and where there is water, there is life.


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