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Well, if it's quite alright, I think I'll make my first actual story related post!  By the way, Zack, please get my character posted. In any case:
Noxus had been on the road now for quite a while. The route from Somnus to the Psy Academy was a long one. Safe, though, and flat. Long in the horizon it lay, whitish walls gleaming in the mid-day sun. Speaking of the sun, it was hurting Noxus' eyes. He was finding it hard to adjust from the dank depths of the City Beneath the Earth. "If I hurry it'll be a less time consuming trip, and maybe I'll get out of this blasted light," he thought to himself. He made his way to the gate posthaste.

Noxus looked through the stack of papers on his desk. "Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, letter- save that- more paperwork," he thought, sorting it all. New territory meant paperwork, and lots of it. "Orders? 'needed at the measure...dean's protection...' Hmph. Alright, then." He would make no complaint about re-stationing. It wasn't nearly the worst thing that could happen.

By the way, what does "OOC" stand for?


--- Quote from: Shadoroq on April 26, 2011, 07:53:55 PM ---By the way, what does "OOC" stand for?

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"Out Of Character."

"It was a couple years ago..." And so, Zaron began to show his guest the story of his current state...

I was being punished by one of my teachers. In a class I really loved, believe it or not. Entomology 101. Well, except for the teacher. Living humans have very little respect for the value of life. Anyway, I had spoken out against my teacher's methods... He and I never saw eye-to-eye. And not just because he used to be a foot shorter than me. It had been over whether bugs had any good impact on the environment. And how much they hurt it. He was narrow minded; convinced that he was absolutely and utterly right. He believed that bugs were simply pests to be destroyed on sight. I thought differently. I saw bugs as examples as to how humans could better society. Each unit doing it's job, and doing it efficiently. How each bug, while not intelligent by itself, was smarter than most people combined when it was in tune with it's queen. For this, I was sent to the Deeper Downs. He thought that since I cared about the environment so much, I should be more than happy to clean up the mess those Mechanics had made. It was then that I discovered that another bug colony had moved in. So, time went by and I managed to make up excuses to leave so I could go there to learn more about them. And when I couldn't leave with permission, I began sneaking out. I actually found out that  from here, one cam get almost anywhere in the building. Or leave it when wanted. And no one would be any wiser.

But, alas, my peaceful so far relationship with the bugs was not to last. I had earned enough of their respect that their queen wished to meet me in person. Unsure of what to do, I reached out and contacted the queen. Now, this might confuse you, but every living being is Gifted to some degree. Humans, Shadowlings, and Spriggats are the more prominent races. But bugs are strongly Gifted too. But rather than learning to hurt others with their Gift, they learn to keep in almost constant Contact with their queen over very large distances.

The queen had grown jealous. Seen me as an imperfection in her system. So she attacked me. But not physically. Mentally. She had the mental support from thousands of lower bugs to aid her. She began feeding on my mind in a way not much different from the Shadowlings. It was death. A seemingly never ending period of death. I panicked.

I began to try supporting myself, and started using what shadow I'd learned to mimic her. I fed off of her as well. But things never work out right. With a two way bond between us, something had to give. We were balanced in mental strength for the most part. But then a bug hatched. It's support upset the equilibrium and I found myself being spiritually sucked into the queen. But rather than be consumed, we merged. I became the mind, and took her body. Scared senseless, I dashed away back to the Academy and snuck back into the cellar, unaware of what had happened to me. 

I had passed out. When I woke up, I was surrounded by bugs. So many that the dirt floor was gleaming black with the shells. I felt each individual bug expressing primitive concern for their queen. But it was directed at me. It was only then when I realized it. 

To the school above, I had simply vanished. I was nonexistent. I learned how to interact with the bugs and summon them to my side at will, and I've been here ever since.

"And you were on the run from the shadowlings because?" Zack asked, sounding a bit concerned for his new friend.

"Hmm," Frex began, "How should I say this... I'm a mercenary, and my last mission was to burn a Shadowling bunker, but there were too many, and they chased me here."


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