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Xemadus Echina:
I concur.  I'll make something in Computer class. Right now im working on science.

Ben walked into the academy for the first time in months. His experience with the Helenites had been good, but it was time to return home. He immediatly headed for the dean's office. Luckily, the headmaster was there when he entered.
"Hello, I managed to make it back. Do you have my class list?"
"Yes. Basic Mind Blast training, Basic Mind Shield training, and Advanced Shadow Studies. An intersting list."
"Yeah, well...I need to be good at the basics to graduate, even though I'm very good with shadow."
"Remember to train everywhere. You need diversity to succeed."
"Yeah, guess so."
After he left the dean, Ben headed for his next destination: the library. Helena had a few shadowling assassins in his service, and Ben needed to make their abilities his own. It was time to embrace the way of Shadow.

Ben slowly walked into the academy. He had to stay in this dump for another year. His missions with Darkeye had gone well, he loved using tactics in real life. Even the general had started to listen to hid plans by the end of his service. He thought that was a good sign, as Darkeye had not been happy to accept a human. Not even the great psy, who saved the general at Lake Alto and destroyed the academy could change the general's feelings.
The academy was the same way. Shadowlings sneered at him as he walked by. The toughest challenge, once he graduated, would be winning their loyalty, not tactics. He headed straight for his dorm. During his time away, he had managed to grab a book about advanced light techniques. It had cost him most of his money, but it would be worth it. It was time to learn a light bomb. He decided to study in the library instead, after realizing his dorm was a mess.

Xemadus Echina:
Jace was laying down outside.  For the past hour he had been staring up at the sky, watching the clouds drift by.  Jace, report to my room IMMEDIATELY Jace sprung up and almost flew to the gates of the academy.  "Hey I'm back" A guard opened the gate and Jace went running through.  He ran straight into the faculty building and right into Luna and Fizooz's room. "So glad you could make it.  We think we have discovered a way for you to increase your natural abiliys" Jace instantly stood up straight, a bright look in his eyes "So you mean I'll finally be able to use combo attacks?"  Fizooz looked at Jace with a blank stare "... Yes, you will be able to use 'combo attacks'.  The practice is uncertain but we feel that you have a unique ability to call forth massive amounts of power in the form of rage.  By harnessing this ability you will be able to create more powerful manifestations of your abilities as well improve the duration of their effectiveness." Jace staired at Fizooz, thinking for a moment back to the blue cape that he destroyed They must have figured it out because of that... Jace heard Luna's voice in his mind That is... mostly correct. Your episode with that boy opened up the possibility of such an ability.  But your actions and reactions during your training are what proved that you would be able to call that power up on an as needed basis. "So how often do you read my mind?" Quite often.  I am able to connect to others in a very unique fashion.  It alows me free passage within their mind and unless they are looking for my presence, my touch is virtually unfelt.  Jace concentrated on Luna's words and quickly felt a faint pulse within his mind.  He focused on it and pushed on it.  Trying to remove it from his mind.  The pulse intensified and he pushed harder.  He thought of being fed upon by a shadowling, one of his worst nightmares and pushed once more on the pulse.  Time passes and once more the strength of the pulse intesnified, becoming painful in his mind.  He focused on feelings of anguish, of pain, and of misery and fed them into the pulse.  He pushed as much of the pain and suffering into the pulse as he could and then suddenly, it went away. "Congratulations Jace.  You have succesfully learned how to harness feedback." Luna placed a hand to her head and Fizooz held her shoulders He leaned over and whispered into her ear "How strong was it?" She leaned over to him, also whispering, saying "stronger then even he
could think of. There is something different about this one.  Some strange force feeding him, and possibly on him.  He needs to be watched. Unfortunately he managed to block my touch.  It will be difficult for me to reestablish a link with him. But it can be done"
“Very good Rainen.  Your progress was outstanding and your achievement greater then even I had predicted.  The supplies you and your team obtained will be more than enough to fund our operation for the next few months.  I can even afford to be generous with your rations for the next week.” Rainen looked straight ahead at the figure that ran their operation.  “Thank you.  Oh, and before I forget.  I found it.  I have the orb hidden in my quarters right now.  We only need a few more until we can mount a major attack.  I’m sure of it.” The figure stepped out of the shadows into the light of a candle.  “Wait a minute… Aren’t you?” “Yes, It is I,…”

OOC: which major trpg2 characters are still alive and in hiding that would know the trpg2 main really well?

"I just wanted to say hi." Zack responded keeping his eyes on the ghost floating around Zaron. "You know... face to fa... ahhh... bug." Zack was still creeped out by the by the ghost as it floated through some barrels, and made a quick lie. "You know... I have some work to do... See you around."

Zack quickly left the cellar and preceded back to his room. He unpacked his books from his bag and put them on the ground. He climbed into his bed and had a quick nap.

A vision of a knocked-out sailor on came into view. He tried to focus on him but the more he focused, the blurrier, the figure became. The figure slowly stirred and put his hand on his head. The figure started to speak but the words blurred out. "U hh h,   y   ad". Zack worried for his safety casted a minor mind shield on him and he slowly began to rise up. The man looked around and said, “  e...w  re  m ?” The words still fading. He went over to a group of... the dream faded before Zack could see what.

Xemadus Echina:
OOC: For the sake of story, can we pick a name for the main?  For now, until another name is agreed upon I'm going to go with Riac. (r-I-ack)

"Yes, It's me, Guy.  Riac's old friend before he betrayed us all." Rainen stared in bewilderment, Stunned that Guy, a person who fought along side the one man who doomed the world to serve the queen, was running the organization that he was a leader in. "But what about Anya?" "We lost contact with eachother.  When he betrayed us all it really got to her.  We stayed together, on the run for a few years but then one day she was just gone.  I never heard from her since."

Jace saw a boy walk out of the cellar door as he was getting ready to leave the academy to go to the deeper downs for some practice in fire manipulation.  What's that guy doing?  He waited a few moments until the boy was gone and then proceeded to go down the steps. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a bug, a large bug.  He yelped, creating a pyroblast STOP! Don't hurt him! Jace looked around, trying to find a body to the voice he heard.  The bug skurried away into the darkness.  Jace help the ball of fire, shrinking it slightly, and he kept walking in the direction the bug went.  Sorry, I kind of have a fear of bugs.  Who, and where are you? Jace held the ball of fire up and infront of him he saw a rather large bug.  My name is Zaron, and I am right infront of you. Jace's mouth dropped and the ball of fire dissapated.  "uhmm... h-hi? m-my name is j-jace..."

OOC: Well it's time for jace to enter into the main storyline now.... if there even is much of one...


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