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The Two Academies

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Oh... Darn. I was hoping for a low profile character.

Zack bolted upright and yelled, "Wait!". Zack took a deep breath and noticed that he was in the hospital wing. One of those shadowling creatures, floated in the corner and studied and sent a message to his mind.

"Ah Fleshling, you awake. The other Fleshing was correct. You were merely knocked out. Now before you go, there is a shadowling here you need to talk to you." A red shadowling appeared from behind a curtain and floated over to Zack.

"Fleshing, there was an... inicident. A certain student was able to evade the guards with the help of another. Were you part of this...".

Zack frowned and replied sarcastically, "Yes, I helped his student while I was knocked, because that is totally possible."

Shadowling growled a treat, "I should have you thrown in the dungeon for such a responses, but I will let you off with a warning. This time." The shadowling turned away and floated back towards the door.

Zack got out of his bed and walked over to the door. "Your free to go." the green shadowling signed. Zack opened the door and walked back to his dorm. He opened his dorm door and still saw Frex sleeping on the ground. He looked over at Frex's stuff and noticed a small wooden crossbow. He went over and picked it up. It wasn't good as his but it could probably do the job. Zack then suddenly remebered what the shadowling had said and looked at Frex. Surely he hadn't had helped the student, but if they found him, it might be trouble for both of them. Zack whispered into Frex's ear, "Hey Frex, we need to talk."

And Frex slowly began to stir...

Frex felt a whisper in his ear.

"Frex," the voice said, "We need to talk."

Frex wanted to get up... but didn't at the same time. He could almost sense what Zack wanted to talk to him about. So then, Frex got up, with some hesitation, trying to keep cool for the off chance that this wasn't what Zack wanted to know, yawned, stretched, and directed his attention at Zack.

"What is it?" he asked.

The Holy namelesskitty:
Cassiopia, upon returning was quickly put under effective house arrest within her dorm, only allowed to leave with a chaperon for classes. Each night Cassiopia pondered an escape, each day, as the full moon grew closer, she became more desperate. On the last night of the waxing gibbous moon, she tried her most desperate measure, she summoned a mouse. To it's leg she attached a note, and sent the little rodent in search of the human she rescued.

The "spies" Noxus had ordered into the dorms returned. "Sir," said one, "we found only one thing of any suspicion. Dorm 56 is being shared by two fleshlings. It is only intended for one." "Very well. Return to your post." "Yes, sir."  Noxus gave orders for two guards to escort them to the administrative office lobby the next day. He would have to see to them in the morning.


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