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Xemadus Echina:

--- Quote from: Bugfartboy on May 06, 2011, 01:57:59 PM ---Oh... Darn. I was hoping for a low profile character.

--- End quote ---
Rainen is th low profile one.  And besides, Jace will probably end up in the deeper downs for weeks on end.

I'm tired of people just looking through a door and seeing me. I'm deeper in the cellar than that. Just so you guys know.

Zack looked at his unconcerned friend and said, "Their doing checks on the students at the school. Apparently, some student got out and was helped by another. We might be checked so alert." Zack took the book that was lying on his bed and put in his pocket. "Now. I know that you would probably not help a random student to attract attention to yourself, but did you? Zack asked praying the answer was no.

Before Frex could respond a small mouse crawled out from under the bed holding a note. Zack and Frex looked down at the mouse then at he other. Frex leaned over and tried to grab the note but the mouse flashed its teeth. Zack leaned in closer and the mouse didn't hiss. He grabbed the note and the mouse crawled onto his hand, and into his collar. "Stop! that! It tickles" Zack laughed as the mouse crawled up his arm and rested on his soldier.

Frex took the note out of Zack's hand and read it out. "To the human, that I saved, and fainted in front of me. Meet me in the library tommorow at noon..."

"Hmmmm." Zack said thinking about what had happened to him.

"You fainted?" Frex smiled as he handed back the note.

Zack took the note and put on his bed. Zack signed, "Long Story...".

Before Zack could continue the door burst open, and accordingly Zack jumped in Fear, as two red shadowlings stood in the doorway and demanded, "You fleshings, come with us, you need to be... questioned..."

Zack gulped and send mental message to Frex, "Frex, Its Zack, follow my lead," as they walked out the door and followed the shadowlings to a door which when they opened, lead to a dimly lite room, in which, there was  a table with 2 chairs and magenta shadowling floating. The two red shadowlings closed the door, and the Shadowling smiled, "Welcome fleshings. Sit. We need to talk..."   

@Buggy, OOC: just to note I edited the post in which I found you to match. Sorry for being presumptuous.
Sure enough, the two guards showed up with two young fleshlings in haul. He said to them as the doors shut, "welcome fleshings. Sit. We need to talk." As they did, he continued, "seems the two of you have bunked two to a room. This is not allowed and shouldn't be necessary to begin with. You," he said, gesturing toward one, "are Zack... apparently no last name. Strange, but irrelevant. But you," and he looked to the other, "could not be identified." He'd had the student records checked, and they were checked very quickly. "Do you realize what this means? I believe you are trespassing, a serious offense indeed. And with that, fleshling, defend yourself."

"Wait!" Zack yelled before the Shadowling could do anything. "I have a last name. Its... Archon. I... didn't use it when signing up for the school because... it doesn't matter why! He's not a trespasser but a student named Mark Guelph. He was only in my room because we were working on a... shadowling history project!" Zack took out his small book and showed it to the shadowling as evidence. "Besides, why would I, of all people, habour trespassers in my room?" Zack sent a private message to Frex and said, 'You a student named Mark Guelph. Blue Cape. In My Light, Cryo, and History Class. Right now, the real Mark is in someplace called the Deeper Downs." Zack looked at the shadowling and said. "Are you going to attack a student for simply sleeping in another Room? Surely you have bigger things to worry about... like students escaping at night and going into the forest?"  


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