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The Two Academies

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OOC: Rainen, you were still in the cellar, just so you know.

Zack hurried off to the Library. He needed to meet the green thing that save him. He entered the library and looked around there was no one is sight. He signed, and turned to leave but a green thing, a girl... came out of the shadows.

"I've been waiting for you to come..." She said, trying to sound friendly.

Zack nearly fainted again, but held on and managed to say, "Who... What are you?"

Zack woke up and heard voices outside his door. He peaked his head out and looked and saw three guys on the ground gasping for air. He quickly closes the door enough to see out of and watched as two of his teachers came out and started talking to one of the boys. He walked out and listened to them. They mentioned things like training and The Deeper Downs. He was curious but the boy had walked away. He frowned but he thought one of his teachers could tell him.

He walked down and the and started to noticed something. A huge poster that said, 'Do you want to learn History? Then go on the Somnus Trip next week. Talk to one of teachers to sign up..." Zack grinned and hurried off to find a teacher, for once.

OOC: Anyone who wishes can go on the Somnus Trip. Its open to everyone.

As Noxus juggled the balls, he saw a poster announcing that there would soon be a trip to Somnus. "Learn about history," it said. "Huh. Not likely for me. I just got out of that place. I don't really want to go back, but it couldn't hurt to start the year looking smart by displaying my 'incredible' knowledge of 10th grade Shadowlands history. I'll have to think this one over."

Xemadus Echina:
OOC: I won't exactly be around to much so that's why I left my characters off at obscure places.  Sorry if i broke the story line in the red dimension.  Call it a time lapse if you will.

The two fleshlings left. Once the major was certain they'd gone, he exited his office and hurried to the lobby, saying to the secretary, "Where is Mark Guelph?" "Currently, sir, he's in the Deeper Downs for training purposes," the secretary told him. "Well, get him back." "But sir, it will take at least three days for him to-" "I know that," Noxus interrupted, "Just get him back here. ASAP." "Yes sir."


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