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Frex put on the garments, and the cape. Strangely enough, the cape was blue, which, from what Senz told him, was not one of the more powerful cape ranks. However, he put it on anyway, what choice did he have? He was grateful for Zack saving him from the teacher, if he didn't, Frex would probably be thrown back to the Shadowlings, and he certainly didn't want that. "I've never been here before," Frex told Zack, "How do things work here?"

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"A clever one aren't you?", Zaron asked. "Yes it's me. I've decided to spare a Nymph to reestablish contact with the upper world. I have spent so long in the dark. Keep the Nymph with you, as a favor to me. But try to keep it out of the light as much as possible. It's not good for it", Zaron chuckled. "But be a good boy and don't irk it. A tiny bite is all it takes. I'm not gonna be able to direct it forever."

Then he gave it orders to only show itself if necessary and learn. Content, Zaron went back to thinking.


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The Holy namelesskitty:
Cassiopia sat in her room in psy academy reading a historical account of the human/shadowling war, she noted with distaste that the war was won because of a human.

"Tratiorous," she thought "the lot of them. They'd sell their own mothers for a few coppers, such is their lust for gold and power."

She remembered her instructor, he was human but he seemed so nice, but then... She couldn't bear the thought. And there she sat fuming with anger and a general distaste for humankind as a whole. Then she thought, were shadowlings any better? To them you were a shadowling or a slave and if not a slave at least lesser because of race. Such hubris, she thought they hold themselves on their high horses never giving a thought to who they trample on their way. So which was better, a band of brigands, or a coven of pompous aristocrats? She spat, the world would be so much better if nither had won. She slammed a knife into a small table nearby her, "They should have all died and let civilized species run the world. She then recoiled as she became aware of her thoughts, she was a pacifist by heart and wouldn't harm another living thing. Her thoughts almost made her vomit. But then she reasoned that they were both a pox and a pox is a virus. Technically they weren't alive, taken by a sudden rush of sheer rage Cassiopia shoved the knife previously in the table into the illustration of the war imagining the blood dripping down and wetting the pages and the table and floor. Then she vomited.

HL dimension
Mike sat, awaiting his assignment. He has been told to come to the north gate, which was always kept shut for some reason that nobody remebered, if any had ever known. A shadowling greeted him, introducing himself rudely as Voidling. As always, Mike had a wave of disgust and hatred roll through him that enroached on his every sense, reddining his vision, souring his mouth, burning his skin, defeaning his ears, and giving him a smell of trash. But it was short-lived. At first, it had been longlasting, but many beatings and torturous punishments had seen to its longevity being dramatically reduced. Now, only the most sensitive and attentive of shadowlings could catch it, and most dismissed it.
"Your assignment, my putrid little fleshling, is to report to Sommnus to serve Her Greatness's military as a commander of recruits. On the way, you are instructed to pass through the Great Forest in search of rebels. This is a formality, as none rebel against the reign of the great Queen, but my superiors have ordered it. I shall accompany you, to ensure you do not....stray...from your duties. I am pertimitted to kill you at the slightest whim. Now, go and gather your belongings. You have ten minutes. I will meet you outside the west gate, where you will take my belongings as well."

Mike seethed at this. This Voidling was clearly a reject amoung Shadowlings, sent to fetch and follow humans; nevertheless, he had the permission to treat Mike like a mere beast of burden simply because of his birth. Yet the fool was arrogant because of this. Mike hadn't expected a guard, with the low opinion the teachers had of his power, but it was only a small obstacle. It appeared the "rebels" would simply have to kill a shadowling as well as a human. His hand moved unconsiously to the hilt of his knife. His parents would be avenged.


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