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Is Noctus alive?

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Would Noctus be alive in TRPG2 and TSoG?
Would the Shadowling Queen revive Noctus after the Hero killed him?

Due to Noctus's skills in fighting and his expertize at kidnapping, the Shadowling Queen would problably revive the experienced Shadowling Commander.

That's a possibility. Still, Noctus failed her by allowing David to escape. On the other hand, his attitude to the Main managed to bring the Main to attention of Gen. Tastidian and, afterwards, Nelis, and the Main was certainly a highly useful agent for the Shadowling Empire, whilst they could impose their control through the bracelet. So, for accidently revealing the Main's talent, maybe Noctus was given a second chance. After all, we do not know if he was any skilled at kidnapping, and how important David was to the Shadowlings- he could've been simply one of many Psys who were kidnapped by them, and Noctus could've been one of many Shadowlings leading others in those kidnapping missions, and it just so happened that David had excpetional ability.
Though given Noctus' mask, we probably can say with a degree of certainty that he was an experiences commander, and a pretty good fighter, from the boss-fight in TRPG1.

The only thing Noctus failed at was David's protection. Otherwise, he had a bonemask and he got Tastiadan knowing about the Main.

I think that would be an interesting add-on to TRPGSog. Watch the voting, to see how popular the idea might be.

Of course Noctus may have been killed before they get to know about the true powers of the main. After all, David was very important to them.

But then afterword he could have been revived as soon as the Main's power was revealed.


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