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Is David and his sibling wealthy, because Anya assumed that Falstaff was the Hero's father's servant?

Hmm... That's a fairly difficult one. Anya may have just thought that Falstaff looked so ragged and filthy that he couldn't be anything but a servant. And she might have associated him with the hero because Falstaff was asking for him/her.

It just occurred to me: Though the Psy Academy never specifies a tuition price, it is very prestigious and may be quite expensive. Thus, it would make sense for Main and David to come from a wealthy family. Additionally, the exact way Anya phrases it, "I think he might be a servant of your father's," allows that Main and his family may have more than one servant.

At some point, I think in TRPG2 when you return to the academy, there's a student who's having trouble. If you advise him to drop out, he says something like "Then how do I explain the tuition to my parents?", so it probably is quite expensive.

Then I rest my case. I'd guess that Main and David are more than 80% likely to be rich.


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