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So I'm gonna make a new RP since there aren't any active ones at the moment, but I have some questions first.

First of all, should I post the RP in this part of the forum, and if not here, where?
Then I'd like to know what kind of an RP do you guys want. Any suggestions are welcome and taken. If possible, I'd like to create a whole new world and "magic" for this world, so we can create everything by ourselves, and don't have to follow specific rules. Of course there ARE rules to the RP but I hope you get what I mean by this. ^^" Anyways, please post your suggestions so we can start the new RP as fast as possible  ;)


1. Take a leaf out of Apocalyptic's book: Factions. I think I overcomplicated that one, so keep it to 5-6 major ones max.

2. Try to create a map. It's difficult to navigate an entirely new world without one.

3. As for magic, well, try to make it a large range, and maybe allow people to create their own special powers.

4. Ban Rainen from using Rainen. Just look at NoHR. HE DID THAT!

I agree with Steelfist on 1-3 but I'm not so sure about 4. And on 3, try to make a rule where the obviously god like powers have limits on them so that we don't have a couple hundred cities/towns destroyed by one person using "Then I threw a mountain at SuchandSuchaName for very little power. Yay me!!!" Do you get my meaning?

Believe me, number four is valid.

Rule number one... No god-like powers shall be granted...
Rule number two... Rainen is banned from using Rainen...

Kayyyyyy.... But I'm more like asking about the world, what kind of a world should it be. I'll be able to do "the rules" by myself. Just what kind of a world do you like. The rules can be disgussed later.


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