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Ooh, I forgot about that one.
What I did to work around that bug was to save, quit, and reload, then play again. If I remember correctly, I was only affected by this bug if I saved after the battle. I thought this accidental bug was actual useful as it discourages people from saving good outcomes and reloading every time they got a bad one.

Gad Gad Gad:
When i go on rahel disappears and i cant use her, train her, or revive her. Why?

If you'd bother to read what Griffin says, Rahel goes to escort the slaves you saved to the cave you got from the bandits.

Odd thing is, you can go to the caves and find all the people you rescued, but no Rahel.

Not a bug--I just haven't gotten around to adding the part where Rahel returns. (You won't be running into her in the cave.)


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