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*During one of the attacks on the Mechanic Base, an Energy Golem and a Marksman occupied the same space.
*During another attacks on the Mechanic Base, an Energy Golem and a Bronze Golem occupied the same space.
*The attack on the Mechanic Base doesn't announce who much gold one wins.
*The "Show Skill" for Set's Solid State Shield doesn't show anything being created.
*During a battle at West Ravinale Street, Guardsman spawned under both Luca and Naj.
*During a battle at The Docks, Malis took damage from a bow attack.  I then had her use feedback on a Ravinale Elite.  She did heal, but the feedback attack did 0 damage.
*Ravinale Elites will rather backstab their allies with Impale, then use spear throw.
*A Ravinale Elite attacked Luca, but her physical resistance didn't work.  Just like solid characters, Luca took 16 damage from Impale.
*I gave the crypt books to the Psy Academy and Duvalier still ended up with the librarian in the epilogue.  Is that a bug?
*Some of the Frost Spriggats at the Abolitionist Compound are called "White Spriggat".

Yes, Impale doesn't seem to be affected by physical resistance, which is odd.

Also, a bug: Luca can donate more PsP than she actually has with Transfer 2. I'm not sure what triggers it; sometimes it won't happen, sometimes it will. This will drop her PsP counter into the negatives, though she can still use Soul Suck to recover it.

Just discovered a major bug.

If you move a character as soon as his turn starts (a split second after the yellow ring appears, or already holding a direction when the turn starts), the Done button will do nothing. Clicking another character doesn't work either. Undo still works, and attacking ends the turn as usual, but the game is stuck if there are no targets in range. Fortunately, pressing X seems to fix this.

Also, confirming the above post, I had Luca go into negative PsP after using Transfer 2 with four other characters around her. She had 23 before using it, transferred 44 total, 11 to each character, and ended with -21.

If one Cygnus's barriers is to the side of a character, it will do backstab damage.

All right; most of these are fixed for a new patch. I'll announce it when it's ready.


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