December 9, 2009

GUI Updates Coming!

I’ve enlisted the services of talented games artist Heriberto Valle Martinez in redesigning Telepath RPG: Servants of God‘s interface. Expect to see some changes to the look of the game’s menus sometime in the next couple of months!

For now, here’s a neat initial sketch he did of a stylized game title:


  • Peter

    I like how title looks…

  • Pete

    I’d like to say that the magic of Telepath RPG has found its way into my life. As a seventh grader and sixth grader, my freinds and I were fascinated by your game, and wanted to play against one another in “Psy Duel.” So we came up with a set of rules for the card game to come into the reality of the 52-card deck with only 13 values and the Joker.Some things had to be left out, and some kinds of cards had to split a value by being one-eyed- or two-eyed- Jacks, but in the end it was quite fun. Aces and twos were merchants, threes and fours were smugglers. 5s – Scorpions. 6’s were guards, 7,bowman 8,healer, 9,fighter, 10 energy golem, J,stone golem, Q,bronze golems K,spriggat. Sorry, I didn’t know where to put this, but you might want to sell/advertise the game of “Psy duel as a card game as a promo sort of thing. Or ignore this.

  • cstern

    Ha! Pete, that’s awesome. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Maybe I will do that one day.