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Telepath Tactics December 2012 update

Wow. Was that really just one month? It feels like it was a small eternity! So, I ran a Kickstarter over the past month that garnered 840 backers pledging over $18,000, but we ultimately fell a little shy of the $25,500 goal. I’m not too worried about it, though. The campaign was nothing but positive […]

Telepath Tactics Kickstarter campaign is go!

Telepath Tactics has a new thing going for it, folks! It starts with a ‘K’ and ends with an ‘ickstarter,’ and it’s going to let me make this game everything that it can be. I am, of course, talking about a website that you should visit immediately. If you don’t know what Telepath Tactics is, […]

Telepath Tactics November 2012 update

Hello folks, and welcome to another update on the development of Telepath Tactics! Lots of great stuff has happened over the previous month. First, the title theme music is now complete and in-game. Second, Benn Marion has the game’s title screen art almost done: Pretty, no? The biggest substantive change since last month is that […]

Unpredictability and control in turn-based combat: an examination

Unpredictability makes art interesting. Twists of plot, unconventional characterizations, and surprising character development engage a reader’s imagination; unique instrumentation, sudden shifts in time signature, or an unexpected chord progression delight the ear. So is it with games. Exploration, experimentation, discovery: all of these depend upon unpredictability, on gaps in the player’s familiarity with the game. […]

On the challenges of a guy writing “strong” female characters

I read this extremely interesting article yesterday courtesy of Erin Robinson. It is helping me to work through a particular issue I’ve been facing in writing the story for Telepath Tactics. So here’s the thing.Women are traditionally underrepresented in RPGs (and when represented, are represented in stereotypical roles where they nearly always avoid front-line fighting, […]

Telepath Tactics October 2012 update

Another month, another update on Telepath Tactics! Much of this past month was spent wrangling: wrangling artists, wrangling with weird security-based behaviors in Windows, wrangling interface issues, and wrangling livestock. (Okay, just the first three.) First, on the art front: the fantastically talented Benn Marion is working on some proper title screen art (finally!) for […]

Telepath Tactics September 2012 update

Hey there folks, welcome to another update on our progress in developing Telepath Tactics! There were a few hiccups this month. First, I had a bit of a roommate transition, which resulted in my not having internet at home until late Saturday evening. This, in turn, made it impossible for me to make much progress […]

Save a “bundle” on Telepath RPG: Servants of God!

Ignore the terrible pun in the title of this post and pay close attention to the following: Telepath RPG: Servants of God is now part of the IndieFort Bundle. From now until October 1st, you can bundle Telepath RPG: Servants of God with your choice of numerous other indie games (including such RPG notables as […]

What makes a game indie: a universal definition

I’ve been content to stand on the sidelines of the “what is indie” debate for a number of years now, satisfied that whatever the outcome, it wouldn’t really matter. I no longer think that. When a multi-million-dollar game with a team of nearly 50, created with the backing of a major publisher, can get into […]

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