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Telepath Tactics April 2014 Update

Hello, tactics fans! We’re another month in and another month closer to the release of Telepath Tactics. So what did we get done in the month of April? New character portraits! I took some more time to practice pixeling–this time, I edited the “cast” animation for the pyrokineticists, making them…

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Ask me anything!

Today, I have decided to start a new feature: ask me anything! For this day only, I am opening up my site to questions from you, the fans. Have a question? Send me a tweet, or comment below, and I’ll update this post with my answer! Without further ado: Winter…

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Telepath Tactics March 2014 Update

Hello, tactics fans! Wouldn’t you know it? Another month has gone by, and we’ve made still more progress on Telepath Tactics! Before we get to The Big List, something funny happened last month: the very day after I posted the last monthly update, I started getting tweets of congratulations. Curious,…

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Telepath Tactics February 2014 Update

Hello, tactics fans! With February behind us, it’s time to recap everything we got done on Telepath Tactics during the month. As always, we’ll start with all the pretty new art! More portraits from David Hammond! Lorne Whiting has completed the first set of NPC sprites! This first set consists…

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How to speak lissit

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Today, in honor of the Day of Love, we are going to learn how to speak the most romantic language of all time: Lissit! (Or “lizardtongue,” as it is sometimes called by the humans of Cera Bella.)   Let’s get started with some basic pronouns: si…

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In defense of John Walker’s copyright article

John Walker of RockPaperShotgun wrote an editorial today that has worked the internet into one of its customary tizzies. As I sometimes do, I feel obliged to weigh in here. I can understand why some people are upset. For one thing, the piece focuses on the tiny minority of artists…

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Telepath Tactics January 2014 Update

All right! Time for another monthly update on Telepath Tactics. Let’s get right to it: New character portraits! Fun fact: as of today, Telepath Tactics now has 77 distinct character portraits, with dozens more to come! This set is pretty much exclusively just villains:

Telepath Tactics December 2013 Update

Happy New Year! It’s time for another summary of our monthly progress. First: Telepath Tactics made it into the Top 100 on Steam Greenlight this month for the first time! We’ve been steadily getting pushed back, though, as bigger games with larger audiences have shown up and flooded the service…

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Telepath Tactics November 2013 Update

November is now gone–you know what that means! It’s time for another monthly update on Telepath Tactics. So what’s new? With the completion of the portraits for the male and female bandit, we’ve finished up the game’s generic NPC portraits and have now moved on to portraits for unique characters.…

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Telepath Tactics October 2013 Update

October’s done, and so is a lot of work on Telepath Tactics! Here is the latest update on the game’s progress. We now have old and young portrait variants for NPCs: We’ve finished up animations for the Mentalist, Engineer, and Stone Golem! That leaves us with just three more base…

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