Sinister Design
Based in Chicago, Illinois

Founding date:
December 2006


Press / Business contact:

facebook.com/Sinister Design

Telepath Tactics

(773) 319-6734


Sinister Design is an indie game design studio in Chicago focused on creating imaginative, elegantly designed role-playing and strategy games.


Early history

Sinister Design began in the summer of 2006 when Craig Stern was enjoying a summer break prior to beginning law school. He created a free game--Telepath RPG Chapter 1--in the course of three months, released it, then put all thoughts of game design out of his head....until December rolled around and the semester ended. "Maybe just one more game," he thought. Telepath RPG Chapter 2 took nine months to birth. Craig's grades suffered, and yet he found that he didn't much care. Though it had taken three times as long as the first game had to make, it was an order of magnitude better--and Craig had found something much, much more satisfying to him than law.

After that

Five more finished games and two Indie MEGABOOTH appearances later, Sinister Design was finally organized as an LLC in January 2015 in anticipation of the release of Telepath Tactics. The rest of Sinister Design's story remains to be told...



Video from a Telepath Tactics Kickstarter update detailing some of the Telepath universe's lore YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

    Company Design Principles
    This links to various articles Craig Stern has written exploring his game design philosophy on sinisterdesign.net.

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