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September 11, 2009

Psy Arena 2 On the Cusp of Completion

I thought you all would be interested to know that Telepath Psy Arena 2 is very close to being completed. I’ve added in cut scenes between each of the leagues where you get to meet some of your team members and learn some snippets of plot.

Ravinale Myrmidons, Snipers, and Elite Spearmen, oh my!

Ravinale Myrmidons, Snipers, and Elite Spearmen, oh my!

As I mentioned before, this game is going to have a proper final battle with a unique final boss. I’m working on the battles for League 10 right now, and then I’m going to design, animate, and code his/her/its AI. (I know which it is, but of course, I’m not telling!)

The game should be finished within the next week or two, at which point I’ll release a proper downloadable demo so you can play on your computer without having to be online. I’m going to be selling the game in downloadable form for cheap: we’re talking $12.99 a copy. (That’s the cost of a movie ticket, and I guarantee you that you’ll get many more hours of enjoyment out of Telepath Psy Arena 2 than you will out of watching a movie once!)

Keep an eye out for more news–there’s more to come.

  • Slpstk

    Why did you pull the demo? I just came home from work and was hoping to play it. :(

  • stanley

    omg yay :)
    but if there are snippets of info bout my characters i may have to restart :(

  • miguel

    will this mean we will have to pay to play? i doubt it, but im just asking to make sure.

  • cstern

    Miguel, this is just going to be like any other game you buy online: you buy the game, and in return you will get a link to download the game, which will be available to you forever.

    I’ll be putting up a new demo fairly soon, so don’t worry about that. :)

  • jk

    will u make more characters we can purchas? like a dark Spriggat,
    or… even characters from TRPG 2, golems, or swordsmen, etc.

  • cstern

    Maybe–we’ll see how long it takes to finish the game. If I have time to, I might just add in a bonus class or two. 😉

  • Jomo

    I love the games you guys make and im looking forward to this one being finished :)

  • jk

    how much more days until the completion of telepath Psy arena 2

  • jk

    whats a ravinale mirmidon?

  • stanley

    i have a feeling its a armoured scorpion with a spear man on it or a swords man with all the trimmings(slash and doublestrike) and more hp

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  • dan cash

    … 13 pounds im not gona be able to pay it coz my card doesnt work on paypal got an address i can send 2?

  • dan cash

    oh and i forgot to ask how much more content is there coz i completed this up to leauge 9 on brutal in … not that long

  • cstern

    Hey Dan, this is going to be sold through BMT Micro, not Paypal, so you should be all right. (Also, it’s 13 American dollars, not British pounds, so it’s actually quite a bit cheaper than that.)

  • dan cash

    ohh lol and ok that is good and one more thing i would like to know is am i allowed to copy it to 2 computers

  • cstern

    That depends on whose computers they are, now doesn’t it? 😉

    You can install the game on as many of your own computers as you like.

  • dan cash

    kk 😀 i be getting this wen u realse / wen i get my card bak

  • jk

    u have to install this? do u have to buy a disc? i dont get it

  • Peter

    Dude, just read!
    you don’t need a disk, you pay and you recieve a download link, LINK, no disc.
    they already said it in the comments…

  • disgruntled

    bah! im so disgruntled right now. i was hoping to check out the new updates but i cant access it. how long until your gonna put it back up? and why not do what you did with trpg 2 and have a basic version online for free play while the better version is being sold. that worked really nicely :)

  • jk

    what is the difference between the downloadable version of Telepath Psy Arena 2, and the online version?

  • KZ

    The online version will be a free demo, and the downloadable version will be the full game, which will allow you to play beyond the first few leagues and get access to additional features that will be unavailable in the online demo.

  • Random guy

    Uh, I don’t know, but do game contributors get the game free (even if their contribution was a measly one battle…)? I hope so…

  • cstern

    Did you contribute a battle that was used in the game? PM me on the forums.

  • flashy Mc loop

    your theme is giving me php errors ?